Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What do bags mean?

Hey guys!
 Thought I would post something a little different tonight, and this may possibly be the 3, maybe 4 (Can't actually remember) glasses of wine for post - work drinks that are talking, however, having just got home and glimpsed an article in the July 13 issue of Elle I feel compelled to write this post.

The handbag we carry is supposed to say alot about the women we are, and trends for Autumn/Winter 2013 are making a BIG statement.
I am not normally one for looking for such a meaning in a particular accessory, to be honest I don my uniform of baggy black shirts and leather for the primary reasons that they hide all manor of sins and black is a colour that is suitable for almost any occasion so it is also convenient. Accessories are normally an after thought for me, and to be quite honest, the only thought into the type of bag I carry is whether is is big enough to carry all my crap around for the upcoming day. (My Primarni rucksack is the bag of choice right now as it is easy to lug everything around in it while still hinting at the 90s trend which I am loving).

Elle stated that Handbags have become more than just a bag; they have become a symbol of feminism. I am genuinely unsure whether I agree with this.
Trends are showing that the handbag of choice for women in the upcoming season are larger bags, still stylish, however, much larger than your typical Chanel or Hermes. 
The increase in the size of handbags is said to be reflecting on the feminist shift in the way we are thinking. Women are no longer able to carry everything they need in a small and pretty clutch (money, phone, ciggys, ya know... the basics) and this is due to women becoming more included in the working world and needing to not only carry more, but to look more professional.

I'm not going to lie to you, I normally couldn't give a damn about the "feministic symbols" of a certain accessory, if I like it, I like it! However, in this case this article genuinely sparked my interest. 

In my opinion larger bags just seem to be more convenient and quite often more stylish, not a fan of the girly glitzy glittery clutches and so forth, but my question to you guys is, do you agree that there is more to this trend? Is this season's trend showing a further lean into feminism or is it just continuing to be a way of carrying something that looks good and in the words of Elle, carrying something that assists in hiding our bums while we climb the stairs? 

I want to know what you guys think!

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Monday, 8 July 2013

All black...

Hey guys!

It has been a busy couple of weeks! I have moved house finally, no more crappy landlord for me! 
I should be still on my way home from work right now, however,  I have had the day off because I have been ill. Fed up with this nasty stomach bug now. 

Anyway, I had an outfit post from a few weeks ago that I never actually got round to posting so I thought I would do that today as there isn't alot else for me to do.

This was an outfit I bought a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I think it is one of the best purchases I've ever made! I love it! 

Boots, jumpsuit and necklace - Topshop, earrings - vintage.

This is by far one of the comfiest outfits I have ever worn. I can't get enough of it. 
It is great for the office, lounging around or a night out. So versatile!

I chose to glam it up a little with some bling, again, because I think it gives it a bit of sparkle and stops the black from looking so dull. 

I am now off to waste some more time. I might try to connect my telly, however, I am a total techophobe so this could be a total disaster. Wish me luck.

See you laterrrr!

Samma x