Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blow me one last kiss...

It's been another busy week for me this week! Lectures and work, my first open mic night at work (a reasonable success I must say!) and last night was spent at the boyf's. I helped him out with doing a months worth of shopping, so he thanked by cooking me steak and egg with alphabites. One of my favourites, best boyfriend ever!

Anyway. In among all the madness I have managed to get in a few snaps of what I wore to work on Tuesday, bit late so I am sorry!

Shirt and Longsleeved tee - H&M, Shorts - River Island, Boots - Melody, Cross earrings, peace necklace, skull and frog ring - Topshop.

As it it Thursday night, my weekend starts here, and I am beginning it trying not to cry at Hollyoaks then a night full of coursework!
The fun begins tomorrow as I have been invited to the 25th anniversary party for Jeffery West in recognition of my placement! Bit nervous to go alone though, I don't know what industry events are like! Any bloggers got any advice?

All exciting!
Hope you are all alright! 
Love love love!
Samma x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side...

Happy Sunday all!
If you are anything like me, you will be sitting here drowning the Sunday Blues in a bottle of blossom hill and reminiscing about the fantastic weekend you just had.
If you are a regular reader, you will know that this weekend the boyf and I hauled arse to London (Erith to be exact) for my cousin's combined wedding day and 30th Birthday and I have to say it was such a beautiful day.
The beautiful bride Casey walked down the aisle to Lonestar, Amazed, in her beautiful, albiet very ruffley wedding dress, looking every inch the stunner. Much tears were shed, not just by myself, but by the vast majority of my family.
I am now back home and feeling somewhat sorry for myself after this weekend. I have been excited about it for ten whole months, and it flew by in the blink of an eye!
This is what I wore to the wedding and reception...

Blazer - Newlook Dress - Jones and Jones, Socks - Topshop, Shoes - River Island, Bag - Ark, Fascinator - Claire's Accessories.

I had many a dilema about what to wear to the wedding. Those of you who regularly read can probably tell that dressing "posh and smart" isn't my strong point, so I made a particular effort. I dug out my smartest stilettos and forked out for the blazer, forgot completely about colour co-ordinating my bag, and threw on a pair of ankle socks to make the look a bit more "me."
I was going to fork out and buy myself a mini boater hat with a lace veil, but I chickened out in the end and went for a slightly more sensible fascinator.
These shoes are an old classic, bought a few years ago, and since then my feet have shrunk so I am selling them! They are size 8... Big I know! Message me if you're interested!

Finally, a mahoosive shout out to the gorgeous boyf Miguel, for ditching the chinos and checkered shirts and donning a suit and braving my crazy family. Then preventing me from hyperventilating and having a mental breakdown when we couldn't get home the route we originally planned.

Anywho. I am off to finish my blossom hill and watch I'm a celeb.
Hope you all have a good start to the week!
Love love love!
Samma xx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My first instagram post...

Thought i'd do a little instagram post to show a bit of what has been causing my absense.
i didnt forget about you guys though, and those of you who already follow me on instagram will already know i have been taking quick snaps of my outfits most days.

1. Saw this suit in Elle. I don't know who it's by, all I know is that it's red and velvet and I want it!
2. Dyed my hair red!
3. Quick outfit post! Shirt - River Island, dress Glamorous at Ark.
4. Finally perfected the lemon and prawn risotto!
5. Halloween!
6. Outfit post, what I wore to work last Saturday. Dress - River Island, Cardigan - Primark, Scarf - H&M.
7. My healthy pasta and sausage salad with low fat dressings. I will be size 8 by Christmas!
8. Patch, my company at night as the boyf and I are too busy to see each other much :(
9. RIP creepers. A sad moment in my life. They are still sat at the foot of my bed because I can't bare to throw them away! 

Now I look at them, my life doesn't really look that busy, but I assure you, it is!
Most of my photos are of food aswell, as much as I am improving as a chef, I am falling behind on coursework because I spend too much time cooking! The benefits of having a big kitchen. Not exactly helping my waistline either. *Sighs.

This weekend I am off to my cousin's wedding, so hopefully I should get a fair few good photos for you all next week!
Better go pack!
Have a good weekend y'all!
See ya laterzz alligators!
Samma x

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween and other reasons for my absence...

So I know it's pretty late to post the obligatory halloween pics, but I have been a busy lady!
Coursework is mental, working at the pub rather alot as well as trying to set up an open mic night as an event, (hopefully next Tuesday from 8 ish if any of you wanna pop down, spectators and performers alike, bring your own instruments)
Not to mention my rejoining of the gym, looking for placements, going to lectures and still finding time for a social life and sleep!
So I apologise for being rubbish, Hopefully when I get used to all these crazy days I will be blogging regularly again.
This is what I wore to Halloween at NBs!

Tee - Topshop, Shorts - River Island, Tights - Henry holland, Boots - Melody

I thought this year as I had so much bone stuff to make up a skeleton that I would not bother with a costume and just wear it all. (Also felt pretty cool wearing Topshop for Halloween HA!)
I decided to give blood red hair a go too, and the amount of compliments it has received since, I am thinking of keeping it!

The gorgeous girl next to me is Andi, the bezzer who lives next door, whose cool costume made up 1 seventh of the deadly sins, lust! 
The hansom dude in the bottom photo is the boyf Miggi, I thought it was about time to introduce you all to him as I do seem to talk about him rather alot, and when better to do it than when we both look scary and messy!?

Anywho. I am now off to sleep because it has been a very long day and I have to be up at 6 tomorrow to wash my hair before a lecture. Wahh!
I will try to be back sooner this time!
Love love LOVE!

Samma x