Thursday, 27 September 2012

Grow up and get a job...

Well... This week I did both.
I finally decided as I am now living in a house and paying bills and rent and having responsibility that it was about time to lose the crazy blue hair, endless shopping and general childishness. Shopping this summer has left my bank balance crying at me, so the time has come to stop moping and get a job. So after 3 weeks of hunting around I have one. I will be on trial for the first few weeks, but hopefully it will be fine.

I must now apologise for my lack of blogging the last few weeks, we only got set up with internet Monday, and as I started lectures on Tuesday I have been rather a busy bee and have found myself short of time. Slap me on the wrists, but please don't leave me! I fear blogging may become slightly less frequent, but time permitting, I have some plans that will hopefully become apparent in due course...

So today was my last day of the week, my lovely timetable gives me Mondays and Fridays off, which is brill, plenty of time to do work and go to work! And hopefully chill too, and this is what I wore!

Shirt - H&M, Jumper and shorts - River Island, Rucksack - Primark, Boots - Melody.

As it was back to school this week I felt like a collar and jumper was in order, topped off with a geeky rucksack. 
I also decided that job hunting with blue hair was not particularly easy, and even though I got the job while I had blue hair, I decided that I needed a change. Brunette it was. I am not gonna lie, I was slightly terrified of putting brown on top of blue, but I think it came out okay, and I feel alot more sophisticated for it. 
Not to mention it is soooo much easier waking up in the morning and being able to wear anything without thinking about whether it clashes or matches my hair too much. Getting ready takes half the time! 

So I am really excited about the year ahead, my second year has lots of exciting fashion things going on and quite frankly, I can't wait to get stuck in!
Tonight I am off to bed to watch gossip girl and mentally plan my day off tomorrow, What are you all up to?

Ciao Ciao for now, sleep well my beauties!
Samma xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

malibu and diet coke please...

so this is what i wore last night for our first night out... it was an interesting night. after 4 months of not drinking lead to a night of puke and getting kicked out of clubs... not by myself i would like to add. still... it was interesting. as i sit writing this my head is pounding and im just preparing to start all over again tonight. it was lush to see everyone again though. i feel like i am home finally.
anyway. this is my new dress by glamourous but bought at ark.
so what does everyone else have planned tonight? for now i am off to have a shower and make myself more human for tonight.
ciao ciao for now!
samma xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

first uni night out of the year...

hiiiii guys! did you miss me? so this is my first post from uni so please excuse any typos and the lack of punctuation. as the lovely people at virgin cant set up our internet till next week i am doing this whole post off my phone. even my photos. which i am pleasantly surprised at the quality... samsung note you never fail to impress. 
so this is what i wore today for a potter round town. and i dont me
an to toot my own horn my i mustve looked hot as i got hot on in sainsburys. just what every girl needs when shopping for prawns. ;) 
tonight we are off out to nbs and i have never been so excited after 4 and a half months of not doing anything. i will be wearing my new glamorous dress that arrived in the post today. i wilk try and get photos to blog tomorrow. i must say it is nice to be back! 
ciao ciao for now! 

samma xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

On the road again...

So today is the move back to Uni! And I can honestly say I have never been more excited for anything. I feel  like once I am back in Northampton I can go job hunting, catch up with friends, classes, gym and nights out. Basically I feel like I will have a purpose in life. Which I have not felt for the last 5 months of summer.
I am posting this from the car, on the way over to uni, and I regret to say this could be my last post for a little while, as I don't know the situation of internet at my new house, nor whether I will have a photographer as readily available as I did at home. (My dad liked to use these posts as an excuse to work on his creative side) But I will try none the less. However, due to the move today, I don't have alot to tell you about my day yesterday. I got up, started packing, decided my hair needed dying before I moved, so I slapped on some dye, carried on packing, washed it off, and did more packing. The highlight of my day was a chinese take out bought by my dad, which I savoured, because as of tomorrow it is back to pot noodles and asda price sausages!
Anyway, this is the result of the dying and what I wore to pack my crap up.

Textured Tee and Pleather Leggings, cross earrings and leather bracelets - Topshop, Boots - Melody Direct, Watch - Fossil, Velvet bow brooch - River Island.

So this shirt was only featured like 2 days ago, but I felt like wearing it today with trousers as it is loose and comfy and great for lugging about heavy boxes.
The Pleather leggings are still amazing. Enough said.
The velvet bow on the tee was originally attached to a pair of glittery hareem trousers that I bought a while ago. God knows what possessed me. But as I was selling the trousers, I thought the bow would make a lovely addition to many outfits, so I thought I would hang on to it. 

This is my new hair guys. I haven't tried blue on its own before, and as it came out really dark when I used it for the dip dye, I mixed it with conditioner, which acted as a white toner. It still came out a little brighter than I was expecting, but I must admit, I am chuffed with the results! I just hope it fades reasonably quick, as I feel that prospective employers may not feel the same! 

So tonight I shall be settling in my new home, with my nice big double bed. The first one I have had in my life, aren't I grown up now?! What are you all up to? Anything interesting? 

Samma xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

We feel nothing so jump into the fog...

Hey hey hey my lovers!
So today I went shopping with Amy, and unfortunately we forgot to buy almost everything we went in for, except my toothpaste. I also finally bought a decent face cream, which will hopefully moisturize my skin without causing a massive breakout like my current jar of aptrex is doing.
I won't do a massive review as there are already plenty of beauty bloggers who do a good enough job of that, but I might keep you updated on the progress.

Anywho, this is what I wore for today's shopping trip. It is the outfit mentioned in yesterday's post.

Hat - Topshop, dress - New Look, Bag - Ark, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell.

As I said before, I tried to get a dress before that was similar to this, but for whatever reason, they seem to have stopped selling them. Cue devastation. I then however stumbled across this beauty. I love it as I think it will be a really versatile dress, during the day I will wear it with this hat and some chunky boots, but for night I will be teaming it with my JCs like I have done here. 
I actually prefer this dress to the one I was after originally, as it won't fall down! (The other one was strapless) I also think it is great for ladies with the smaller bust (like moi) because, due to the backless nature of this dress, wearing a bra is not very easy. Or classy. So I guess for fashion sense, having little mosquito bites instead of juicy mangos is actually an advantage, bras are not essential! Ha!

So tomorrow my packing continues and will be finished. I did a little more today and I am shocked to realise I have more than 3 large cardboard boxes, filled just with shoes and another with bags. And it is going to take at least one more suitcase to pack up the rest of my clothes, which are just going out clothes really. Oops!
None the less, I am more than excited to move back. Can't wait to start the new term, to get some knowledge. And hopefully a job. All these pretty things that I have no space for, as mentioned above, have made a massive dent in my overdraft. So a job is pretty bloody urgent really!

Tonight I am off to watch Lord of the Rings, again, because I am a nerd, and get stuck in to October's Elle. WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING?! Bahhhh! 
What are you all up to this evening/tomorrow/this weekend? 

Ciao ciao for now! 
Samma xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Take me to a galaxy far, far away...

So yesterday I went on my final shopping trip in Norwich, this time with the boyf. He bought himself lots of lovely stuff, and I bought myself this cool outfit. We had a lovely day but I couldn't help feeling disappointed that Topshop didn't have the "Horror" black tee in, so I am hoping that when I get back to Northampton this weekend that they will, if not, I will try and wait for a free delivery on New Look also didn't have the dress in stock anymore that I showed you in my last wishlist post, however, I found one that will be even better, due to the fact that this one won't fall down and cause me any awkward moments.
I also had to once again go and replace my laptop, as the one I bought only a couple of weeks ago decided to start playing funny buggers with me, but the nice man at Staples fixed me up with a shiny new one. A better one... However, once I got home, I realised to my horror that I had left my Lord of the Rings DVD in the disk drive, so the next day I shamefully had to go back and ask for it back, to which all the staff started laughing at me and saying "Oh what if Frodo could see you now." It would have been less embarrassing picking up a porno DVD I swear.

Anywho. Enough rambling. On with the outfit!

Glasses - Primark, Tee - Topshop, Skirt - River Island, Bag - Ark, Boots - Melody Direct.

Now I featured this skirt in a wishlist post a couple of posts ago, and I am pleased to say that when I tried it on it did not disappoint. It was a little tighter than I thought it would be, (not so good for the spare tire around my middle) however, when teamed with a baggy shirt, such as this gorgeous textured Topshop tee, it is actually quite flattering.
Now you all know how much I love my Topshop tees, they are so comfy and flattering, so when I saw this one, I had to buy it. I really liked the unusual colour and texture of it, but as it looked slightly odd worn untucked from the skirt, yet not so flattering when tucked in, I thought I would take some inspiration from Lydia Millen, and tie it up at the side! Not sure I pull it off as well as her, but I thought it did a reasonable job of hiding said spare tire.
I should also mention, skirts of this style are not for the faint hearted. I realised when wearing it today that you need only take a couple of steps and the tiny piece of underskirt protecting one's modesty in the slit side is completely gone. It rides up ALOT. I found myself unattractively yanking it down every minute or so. Maybe it is something I will get used to.
Now for day time I will wear this skirt with chunky boots as above, but for something more dressy I will probably wear it with a blouse and my JCs. 

Tomorrow I am very happy to say that I am off shopping with my friend, the one who had a major operation just 2 weeks ago, well she has made a recovery much quicker than any of us expected, so we are off hunting for some boots for her, and some toothpaste for me. Woo exciting ; ) I would also expect that at some point we may end up in the pub for a few bevvies, as this is the last time I will see her before the big move back to uni on Saturday (YAY!!).

I will also continue the venture of packing, and I am taking all my old clothes round the corner to the nice lady who sells stuff for you in her shop to try and raise a few more pennies to start paying off my enormous debt from this summer, so everything in my shop page will hopefully be sold tomorrow.

What are you all up to, anything particularly nice? 

Cheerio, toodle pip!
Samma xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

whiter shade of pale...

My first post done off my phone so bare with me, shirt from river island along with the shorts. Hat from topshop. Boots from jeffrey campbell. so today i went to the cinema with my dad as it was my last weekend before i move back to uni... hoorah! we saw the dark knight and i have to say it was bloody brilliant. im currently on the bus to a friends house. get me ;) what are you all up to tonight? 
samma xx