Tuesday, 18 September 2012

malibu and diet coke please...

so this is what i wore last night for our first night out... it was an interesting night. after 4 months of not drinking lead to a night of puke and getting kicked out of clubs... not by myself i would like to add. still... it was interesting. as i sit writing this my head is pounding and im just preparing to start all over again tonight. it was lush to see everyone again though. i feel like i am home finally.
anyway. this is my new dress by glamourous but bought at ark.
so what does everyone else have planned tonight? for now i am off to have a shower and make myself more human for tonight.
ciao ciao for now!
samma xx


  1. i looove your dress! it's veery unique, haven't seen it before :) xx


  2. Your hair is to die for!

  3. hahaha, sounds like me on a night out! oh dear! you look hot though :)

    HANNAH †

    PS: be sure to enter my £100 boohoo.com voucher giveaway

  4. In love with your bag <3



  5. Looking great! Love the hair. Im tempted to die mine pink / blue /purple Looks fab on you! the boots are gorgeous and look great with this dress <3 @cherrybombbtq


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