Thursday, 27 September 2012

Grow up and get a job...

Well... This week I did both.
I finally decided as I am now living in a house and paying bills and rent and having responsibility that it was about time to lose the crazy blue hair, endless shopping and general childishness. Shopping this summer has left my bank balance crying at me, so the time has come to stop moping and get a job. So after 3 weeks of hunting around I have one. I will be on trial for the first few weeks, but hopefully it will be fine.

I must now apologise for my lack of blogging the last few weeks, we only got set up with internet Monday, and as I started lectures on Tuesday I have been rather a busy bee and have found myself short of time. Slap me on the wrists, but please don't leave me! I fear blogging may become slightly less frequent, but time permitting, I have some plans that will hopefully become apparent in due course...

So today was my last day of the week, my lovely timetable gives me Mondays and Fridays off, which is brill, plenty of time to do work and go to work! And hopefully chill too, and this is what I wore!

Shirt - H&M, Jumper and shorts - River Island, Rucksack - Primark, Boots - Melody.

As it was back to school this week I felt like a collar and jumper was in order, topped off with a geeky rucksack. 
I also decided that job hunting with blue hair was not particularly easy, and even though I got the job while I had blue hair, I decided that I needed a change. Brunette it was. I am not gonna lie, I was slightly terrified of putting brown on top of blue, but I think it came out okay, and I feel alot more sophisticated for it. 
Not to mention it is soooo much easier waking up in the morning and being able to wear anything without thinking about whether it clashes or matches my hair too much. Getting ready takes half the time! 

So I am really excited about the year ahead, my second year has lots of exciting fashion things going on and quite frankly, I can't wait to get stuck in!
Tonight I am off to bed to watch gossip girl and mentally plan my day off tomorrow, What are you all up to?

Ciao Ciao for now, sleep well my beauties!
Samma xx


  1. you look lovely!!! good luck, I wish you the best on this new facet of your life! XOXO

  2. Hair looks lovely! Your outfit is so nice too xx

  3. please may i have your outfit? :) x

  4. cute!!:))


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