Thursday, 6 September 2012

We feel nothing so jump into the fog...

Hey hey hey my lovers!
So today I went shopping with Amy, and unfortunately we forgot to buy almost everything we went in for, except my toothpaste. I also finally bought a decent face cream, which will hopefully moisturize my skin without causing a massive breakout like my current jar of aptrex is doing.
I won't do a massive review as there are already plenty of beauty bloggers who do a good enough job of that, but I might keep you updated on the progress.

Anywho, this is what I wore for today's shopping trip. It is the outfit mentioned in yesterday's post.

Hat - Topshop, dress - New Look, Bag - Ark, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell.

As I said before, I tried to get a dress before that was similar to this, but for whatever reason, they seem to have stopped selling them. Cue devastation. I then however stumbled across this beauty. I love it as I think it will be a really versatile dress, during the day I will wear it with this hat and some chunky boots, but for night I will be teaming it with my JCs like I have done here. 
I actually prefer this dress to the one I was after originally, as it won't fall down! (The other one was strapless) I also think it is great for ladies with the smaller bust (like moi) because, due to the backless nature of this dress, wearing a bra is not very easy. Or classy. So I guess for fashion sense, having little mosquito bites instead of juicy mangos is actually an advantage, bras are not essential! Ha!

So tomorrow my packing continues and will be finished. I did a little more today and I am shocked to realise I have more than 3 large cardboard boxes, filled just with shoes and another with bags. And it is going to take at least one more suitcase to pack up the rest of my clothes, which are just going out clothes really. Oops!
None the less, I am more than excited to move back. Can't wait to start the new term, to get some knowledge. And hopefully a job. All these pretty things that I have no space for, as mentioned above, have made a massive dent in my overdraft. So a job is pretty bloody urgent really!

Tonight I am off to watch Lord of the Rings, again, because I am a nerd, and get stuck in to October's Elle. WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING?! Bahhhh! 
What are you all up to this evening/tomorrow/this weekend? 

Ciao ciao for now! 
Samma xx


  1. love your dress, and the shoes are amazing! :) x

    1. Aww thank you so much! They are lush! Sooo comfy!

  2. the dress is ammmazing! :) x

  3. Awesome outfit! I'm dying of jealousy over those shoes, anything with spikes is a great idea in my opinion :)


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