Monday, 17 September 2012

first uni night out of the year...

hiiiii guys! did you miss me? so this is my first post from uni so please excuse any typos and the lack of punctuation. as the lovely people at virgin cant set up our internet till next week i am doing this whole post off my phone. even my photos. which i am pleasantly surprised at the quality... samsung note you never fail to impress. 
so this is what i wore today for a potter round town. and i dont me
an to toot my own horn my i mustve looked hot as i got hot on in sainsburys. just what every girl needs when shopping for prawns. ;) 
tonight we are off out to nbs and i have never been so excited after 4 and a half months of not doing anything. i will be wearing my new glamorous dress that arrived in the post today. i wilk try and get photos to blog tomorrow. i must say it is nice to be back! 
ciao ciao for now! 

samma xx


  1. great skirt!have a good time at uni :) x

  2. that skirt is awesome!! Have fun!! XOXO


    MayT Essentials

  3. LOVE! amazing outfit. Have fun being back at uni! xx

  4. LOVE that skirt! super amazeballs

    xo from Los Angeles,


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