Saturday, 8 September 2012

On the road again...

So today is the move back to Uni! And I can honestly say I have never been more excited for anything. I feel  like once I am back in Northampton I can go job hunting, catch up with friends, classes, gym and nights out. Basically I feel like I will have a purpose in life. Which I have not felt for the last 5 months of summer.
I am posting this from the car, on the way over to uni, and I regret to say this could be my last post for a little while, as I don't know the situation of internet at my new house, nor whether I will have a photographer as readily available as I did at home. (My dad liked to use these posts as an excuse to work on his creative side) But I will try none the less. However, due to the move today, I don't have alot to tell you about my day yesterday. I got up, started packing, decided my hair needed dying before I moved, so I slapped on some dye, carried on packing, washed it off, and did more packing. The highlight of my day was a chinese take out bought by my dad, which I savoured, because as of tomorrow it is back to pot noodles and asda price sausages!
Anyway, this is the result of the dying and what I wore to pack my crap up.

Textured Tee and Pleather Leggings, cross earrings and leather bracelets - Topshop, Boots - Melody Direct, Watch - Fossil, Velvet bow brooch - River Island.

So this shirt was only featured like 2 days ago, but I felt like wearing it today with trousers as it is loose and comfy and great for lugging about heavy boxes.
The Pleather leggings are still amazing. Enough said.
The velvet bow on the tee was originally attached to a pair of glittery hareem trousers that I bought a while ago. God knows what possessed me. But as I was selling the trousers, I thought the bow would make a lovely addition to many outfits, so I thought I would hang on to it. 

This is my new hair guys. I haven't tried blue on its own before, and as it came out really dark when I used it for the dip dye, I mixed it with conditioner, which acted as a white toner. It still came out a little brighter than I was expecting, but I must admit, I am chuffed with the results! I just hope it fades reasonably quick, as I feel that prospective employers may not feel the same! 

So tonight I shall be settling in my new home, with my nice big double bed. The first one I have had in my life, aren't I grown up now?! What are you all up to? Anything interesting? 

Samma xx


  1. haha check you out, being all productive on your ride to uni! i miss college for the nights out, it was a boxed-wine-night every night ;) and ahhh i LOVE your hair, it looks so amazing!!

  2. Love the outfit!!! It is so cute and the leather pants are such a big trend right now. Makes me want to wear mine! :) XOXOX

  3. your hair is ammmaze! enjoy uni :) xx

  4. love your new hair! wish I was brave enough to make a statement like that - I've always wanted ash grey hair with a slight blue rinse, but have been too scared to try it as of yet! eeek.
    hope you get settled and are back to blogging soon :)

    HANNAH †

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  5. I love your hair so much! Hope the move went well x

  6. Hope uni is going well for you lovely! Your hair is amazing! xx


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