Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A productive day.

So today I woke up insanely early for a doctors appointment, got home at 10 and didn't really have alot to do, so I applied for yet another job. Just waiting to hear from them.
I then decided that I was going to start making my friendship bracelets today, so I made 4, and have already sold 2! Admittedly they were to my brother but hell, that will pay for my lunch tomorrow ;)

These are the ones I have made so far! 

I am gonna be selling these, around £5 for 1 or £7.50 for 2. I will also be making them on request, so you can pick your own colours and how you want the beads. Just email, comment or tweet me for details!

So today has been a looong day of being creative. And I have rope burn on my hands from the threads, but it was fun!

And finally, an outfit post for you all!
Felt like being a bit more smart and sophisticated today so I went for a bit of monochrome and a nice shirt.

Shirt - H&M, Shorts - River Island, Shoes - Pasha

I love this shirt, because it is loose and sheer, it is slightly sexy but without being too slutty and the shorts... Well you know all about these babies, likewise these shoes. I have so many clothes that I can't fit them in my room, but somehow I end up going back to the same old statement pieces. 
This necklace is something I found a while ago cleaning out my room and I forgot I had it, but I think it goes great with this outfit!

Anywho, what do you all have planned for the rest of the week? I'm off out to lunch tomorrow then shopping with a friend on Friday, without any money. This is going to be a test for me like a fat kid in a cake shop!
I'll let you know how it goes! 

Contact me if you are interested in buying a bracelet! Great for festival season!

Ciao ciao! 
Samma x


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mint chocolate chips.

So today has been another long day.
That job that I told you that I'd got, well, I phoned up to see what hours they wanted me to work only to be told that they didn't actually have any hours. Brill.
I also got declined for another interview. Seems I am destined to spend the next 4 months bored and broke. Yay!
So out of feeling sorry for myself I have sat all day in my onesy, eating nearly 2 litres of mint chocolate chip ice cream and watching programs with zombies.
On that note, out of my new slightly desperate state, I decided it was time to get the stuff up on my sales page, so check it out guys. I will no doubt be adding more over time. But please buy my stuff! I am already going to have to give up my nicotine habit, the shopping addiction and probably even replace bussing to the boyf's with walking or biking. Goodbye nice shoes, hello practical shoes. Thank goodness for my decision to buy my mock-Docs and Creepers!

Short and sweet post for you all today, as I don't have much interesting stuff to report haha!
What do you all have planned for tomorrow? Anything nice?

Samma <3

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just another Saturday...

So today I was forced to wake up at some ungodly hour (midday) as we had people coming to view the house. I had no idea what to wear either, on account of having a bit of a fat day and the weather being so rubbish, so I just threw on my fave black tee, which is incredibly flattering and comfy for days like this.
I also braved it and wore my acid wash jeans, as I felt that they have not had enough wear considering I bought them a few weeks ago. They have however become a wee bit too tight. Off to the gym with me this week!

Jacket - River Island T-Shirt and jeans - H&M Necklace - Miss Selfridge Boots - Pasha

This jacket used to be one my fave pieces because it is so glittery and shiny and quite frankly I like the fact it looks like something a magician would wear! Unfortunately, it has become a bit too big for me so I will be selling it along with some other stuff. Just email me if you're interested!

What has everyone got planned with the rest of their weekend? I am gonna go see my Grandad tomorrow day then off to boyf's tomorrow night. Maybe squeeze in a run there somewhere as too much binging is starting to show. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Keep checking back, will be putting stuff on my Buy My Stuff section over the next few days.

Au revoiur! Toodle Pip!!
Samma <3

Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday feeling?

So its a Friday night and I'm sat in watching the Full Monty and listening to the wind howling outside. I've also spent all day in my jammies so I got no outfit post for you today, but I have finally done my face peel. Definitely needed after wearing make up non-stop all week, even forgetting to take it off at night.
Was also intending to do a full body exfoliation using tips from the wonderful Boho Vanity, however, the stepmum probably wouldn't have been too happy about messing up the bathroom with olive oil so I gave it a miss for tonight.

I also cracked and bought a huge bag of magic stars. So much for the diet eh?!

Anyway, enough with the rambling, I have an enormous wishlist this week, thanks to numerous bloggers I have come across so many lush brands, these being just some of my faves.

These gorgeous things are all from Romwe, a brand that I had seen endless bloggers raving about so I thought I would check it out and I tell you what, it did not disappoint! 
These were just a few of my faves off their site. I want them all!

These lovely things are all from Ark, another of my new fave shops. I've not really shopped there before the other day, however, after walking into the shop I decided I could've bought one of everything, and when I found my red wine lace dress, I fell even more in love. Not to mention they have a fabulous studded and tipped collar section on the website, and if you read my blog often you will know how much I love my studs!

I particularly like these studded bralettes and think they would look seriously hot with some highwaisted shorts and DMs for summertime!

Now I am off to find more tasty things to binge on before I start my diet and gymming this week. 
What do you guys think of these items?
Is anyone doing anything nice for the weekend?

Have a good one! 
Samma x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

80s Revival.

Hi guys!

Another quick post for you guys, it has been a fairly uneventful day, got up, had coffee with the boyf then came home. Debated joining the gym but I think I'll do that at the start of the month so I can get a full month for my money.
Now I am back off to the boyfs for films and stuff, yay!

So here is today's outfit, feeling a little bit 80s today.

Shirt - River Island, Top - Topshop, Leggings - Primark, Socks - River Island, Hairband - Found under my bed, boots - Pasha.

This is the top I bought a little while ago, only just got round to doing a post of it! The hairband I found under  my bed, which I think was a bit of a result really and these are my trusty Primark support leggings, only £4 but better than any others I have found!

Got to rush, what are your plans for the evening/day ahead?

Ciao ciao 
Samma x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Dress!

Hey guys!
So here is my beautiful new dress, that feels as though it was made exclusively for me. I bought it from Ark. which is fast becoming my fave shop! Literally could have bought everything in the store if I had more money!

Glasses-Primark, Dress - Ark Boots - Pasha.

In reality this dress is actually a deep red, almost like blood mixed with red wine. It is great for dressing up or dressing down, as I have here, and will also be great in the winter with a top under and some black tights, and here's the best bit - it was on sale for £19.50!

So after a little practice I think I got the hang of the eyebrow pencil, but neither the fam nor the boyf could tell the difference between this and the eyeshadow!
What do you guys think? Any difference?

Today was a day spent topping up the tan in the garden and reading, then going to the boyfs, where I am writing this post. It is gonna be a short one as his keyboard is broken so writing is extra effort.
How did you guys all spend your summer solstice?

Have a good day!

Samma x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shopping, sushi, chatting and cocktails.

Hi peeps!

Today has been a fantastic day! I met up with one of the bezzers in Norwich for a bit of shopping, where I bought the most gorgeous dress. I actually think it was made for me, even though it is coloured and shows off a bit of skin, but as I am feeling a bit adventurous, I thought I would try it on and it was perfect! I will have an outfit post with it hopefully tomorrow.
We then had some tasty sushi as my prayers have been answered and a Yo Sushi! has been opened in Norwich. Honestly never thought I would see the day, but blimey, am I pleased I have!
After that we did a bit more shopping. Headed to Topshop and found those leggings I was on about, with the skulls and the roses. Turns out they are not worth £20, I tried on a size 8 as I thought they might be tighter and last longer because I am normally a 10, however, they were already really loose and flimsy so I knew that they would be worn once before they completely lost their shape, so I didn't buy them. Besides, I am back home now so I get lectured on how I don't need any more clothes by my dad whenever I come home. (He told me off for the dress)
After an exhausting afternoon shopping we headed for a few cocktails, then what seemed like 5 minutes later ( We were actually there for 3 and a half hours) we realised that we were about to miss our last buses home!

Did manage to squeeze in some outfit photos though, be thankful people, nearly ended up stranded for these haha!

Jacket - Next Cross Tee - Topshop Glasses - Red Or Dead, PU and denim jeans and scarf (on bag) - New Look Boots - Pasha, Bag - Aldo

These jeans are my favourite jeans as they are so versatile! They are great for wearing smart with a shirt and heels or with a loose Tee for a rock-chick look. They are also great for girls cursed with the same figure as me because they are high waisted, but instead of a button and zips they have 2 zips that sit over the hip bones. They reach up to my bellybutton so they pull in the spare tyre! 
Once again, praise for these boots, walked all round Norwich all day in these babies and once again, no pain! Everyone NEEDS a pair of these!!

Almost forgot, I also finally dared to buy myself an eyebrow pencil, rather excited about testing it out tomorrow and ditching the current brown eyeshadow! This may take me a while to master though, as make up is not my strong point and I tend to wear exactly the same make up every day!

Enough with the rambling for one night! Time to get some sleep so I can get up and join the gym tomorrow! Time to get skinny! Anyone got anything nice planned?

Ciao ciao my sexy beasts.
Samma x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Today has been a good day!

Today has been a pretty good day!
Woke up with the boyf, smacking a big smile on my face, then went for a job interview, which I got! Happy days.
No outfit post for you today though, as all I have worn today is an old shirt and black skirt. Little bit boring so I didn't think it was worth taking any pictures. I do however have another wishlist for you, after spending Saturday night online shopping again.
Batoka is a brand that I came across through an advert of facebook. I looked at it thinking it wouldn't be my type of thing, but once again, I could happily buy everything on the site. So here is my list!

So if anyone is feeling generous, you can find these gorgeous things and many more here!

Anyway... Hopefully tomorrow I will have an outfit post for you as I'm off out shopping and for sushi with one of the bezzers that I haven't seen in 2 whole years as she took her lovely butt off travelling. Lots of catching up to do! So excited!

Have a good evening guys! What are your plans for tomorrow?

Samma x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bones baby.

Hi guys.
This is a rather sad post for me, as it is my last post to be written in my flat. My shelves are empty, my cupboard bare and tomorrow I depart for Dirty Yarco.
Goodbye freedom, goodbye independence, goodbye cooking for myself, goodbye blowdrying my hair at 3 in the morning should I choose.
Goodbye shopping without being judged.
For 4 whole months.
On the plus side I get to see the boyf again, which I am extremely excited about as I haven't seen him for 10 days. The longest I have been away from him in 2 years.

Today has been a rather long day of packing, and it is a nice relief to be pretty much done. I also went to the pub for my last JD smothered steak with torpedo prawns, onion rings and chips. Followed by a huge waffle stack that was so big I couldn't finish and the ice cream was abnormally cold and gave me brainfreeze.
Good last supper though.

Anyway, this is what I wore to my trip to the pub. Didn't realise quite how cheeky these shorts are till I was back, no wonder I got some funny looks while having lunch.

And then there's this... Just because I have been informed that I don't smile enough on my blog, to which I answered that I try not to because I feel like I look like a watermelon with teeth when I smile.

Scary stuff huh?

Top - New look Cardigan - The boyf's wardrobe, shorts - Topshop Bone tights - Henry Holland Boots - Melody

Loving this outfit, I think the girly stuff contrasts with the grungy stuff quite well, plus I like clashing prints, and these tights certainly clash with the pretty floral top.

The cardigan is the boyfs, I borrowed it months ago and lost it, and found it down the back of the wardrobe today when packing my crap up. Btw found a ton of clothes that I am going to sell, keep checking back, they will be up on here fairly soon.

On this note, I shall depart to go and mope, feel sad and really wish I had bought some milky way magic stars earlier, but no doubt use nicotine as a replacement. While I still can haha!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend people!
Samma x