Monday, 18 June 2012

Today has been a good day!

Today has been a pretty good day!
Woke up with the boyf, smacking a big smile on my face, then went for a job interview, which I got! Happy days.
No outfit post for you today though, as all I have worn today is an old shirt and black skirt. Little bit boring so I didn't think it was worth taking any pictures. I do however have another wishlist for you, after spending Saturday night online shopping again.
Batoka is a brand that I came across through an advert of facebook. I looked at it thinking it wouldn't be my type of thing, but once again, I could happily buy everything on the site. So here is my list!

So if anyone is feeling generous, you can find these gorgeous things and many more here!

Anyway... Hopefully tomorrow I will have an outfit post for you as I'm off out shopping and for sushi with one of the bezzers that I haven't seen in 2 whole years as she took her lovely butt off travelling. Lots of catching up to do! So excited!

Have a good evening guys! What are your plans for tomorrow?

Samma x


  1. waah this is beautiful! that first outfit is killer! xx

    1. Eek I know, I love them all! Walked past Sainsburys today and managed to resist the magic stars too haha!

  2. Oh congrats that you've got the job! Hmm I can totally understand that these things are on your wishlist hehe, the leo slippers are fantastic! Aha do you really wanna know what I'm doing today? I'm lying in my bed, sick, not allowed to do sports or move quickly and there's like the biggest sailor event worldwide for one week at my hometown and I can't even go there, boohoo. Hope you're spending your time better ahaha x

    1. Thank you! And they are just a bit aren't they?!
      Oh no! I hope you make a speedy recovery! Definitely don't want to rub it in but I am lol!
      Get better soon!

    2. Thank you, I hope so too ahah x


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