Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A productive day.

So today I woke up insanely early for a doctors appointment, got home at 10 and didn't really have alot to do, so I applied for yet another job. Just waiting to hear from them.
I then decided that I was going to start making my friendship bracelets today, so I made 4, and have already sold 2! Admittedly they were to my brother but hell, that will pay for my lunch tomorrow ;)

These are the ones I have made so far! 

I am gonna be selling these, around £5 for 1 or £7.50 for 2. I will also be making them on request, so you can pick your own colours and how you want the beads. Just email, comment or tweet me for details!

So today has been a looong day of being creative. And I have rope burn on my hands from the threads, but it was fun!

And finally, an outfit post for you all!
Felt like being a bit more smart and sophisticated today so I went for a bit of monochrome and a nice shirt.

Shirt - H&M, Shorts - River Island, Shoes - Pasha

I love this shirt, because it is loose and sheer, it is slightly sexy but without being too slutty and the shorts... Well you know all about these babies, likewise these shoes. I have so many clothes that I can't fit them in my room, but somehow I end up going back to the same old statement pieces. 
This necklace is something I found a while ago cleaning out my room and I forgot I had it, but I think it goes great with this outfit!

Anywho, what do you all have planned for the rest of the week? I'm off out to lunch tomorrow then shopping with a friend on Friday, without any money. This is going to be a test for me like a fat kid in a cake shop!
I'll let you know how it goes! 

Contact me if you are interested in buying a bracelet! Great for festival season!

Ciao ciao! 
Samma x



  1. I haven't made friendship bracelets in years, I kind of want to now!

  2. love the shorts!

    Meelena (TheSerialShopper).

  3. Love the shoes, they're amazing!


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