Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blue belt and a beehive.

Hey guys!
I actually had a reason toget of of my PJs today, although not the happiest unfortunately.
This afternoon I was lucky enough to have drinkies with one of the bezzers and her boyf as she was up to drop off her room keys, sad times as this means I probably won't get to see her until September... Or it may be a brilliant excuse to leave the delightful town of Dirty Yarco (Great Yarmouth to all you non-Yarmouth townies) and haul arse to London. It may be a 5 hour coach journey, but I feel it will be worth it.

I then went to another bezzer's end of year show for her drama course... major props for her amazing singing talents and the rather large peek at her bra. Courage was displayed that I could never dream of.
Another sad occasion that resulted in mucho tears (cue drama boys laughing at me for being over-emotional) as I probably won't see her until September either and she will no longer be my neighbour! Now I will have to treck all the way across the road for random all night film and drinking sessions. Gonna miss those! Love you Noms!

This means that as I was dressed, and actually able to find someone on campus willing to take photos that I have a new outfit post for all you lovely people! So here you go!

Shirt - Missguided, Leather shorts - River Island, Boots - Pasha, Belt - Vintage, Chunky rings - Topshop.

As much as I love the design of this shirt, the way it has contrasting sides and is sheer, there is a problem with the fit that unfortunately I didn't notice until I'd worn it and couldn't send it back. One side of the shirt is smaller than the other, and this means that unless it is tucked in to something, the buttons down the middle veer off towards the side as it gets to the bottom. Not a happy bunny really, however, I love the style so much I will deal with it.

These shorts are one my wardrobe staples. I bought them two years ago, and have worn them endlessly since. They go well with almost anything, like a baggy Tee, smart blouse or even a chunky jumper in the winter. They are also improving with age in the comfort front! They were a bit pricey at the time (£65) but they have been worth every penny!

My fave part of this outfit has to be my new belt. I think the colour contrasts well and really stands out against the rest of the outfit.
I say new, it is actually vintage, my Grandad found it in my nan's wardrobe along with a few others.

I am now off to watch Harry Potter. Haven't decided which one yet, I am thinking as I have nothing planned tomorrow except a trip to the launderette that I might have a marathon and watch all of them. Get a life I hear you scream. I know, shoot me. No doubt I will also continue my way down a bottle of shnapps and finish off that issue of Vogue whilst dreaming of having human contact. The campus rabbits may be cute, but funnily enough they are not that great for a converstation!

Laters sexy peeps! :)

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