Friday, 15 June 2012

Last Day.

Today was my last day at Jeffery West, and I could not have been more sad to leave. So I came out and did a little shopping to cheer myself up before I had to come home and start packing to leave Uni. 1st year is officially over :(
Chances are this will be my last outfit post for this week too, as I am not sure if I will be out of my PJs tomorrow. I might actually be heading over to the pub for the last JD steak and eggs and chips and onion rings of the year. I could cry at that thought. They have become one of my many addictions over the year aside from a particularly expensive, smelly one and shopping.

Now you all know that I love a fake. Show me a student who doesn't actually. And as I don't have £95 laying around spare I decided to get myself a pair of fake DMs. I also found the cutest little skeleten necklace in the sale at Miss Selfridge, which I am thrilled about as my last one from River Island broke, Its arms and legs falling off.
Anyway here is what I wore today, along with my new purchases.

Dress - River Island Necklace - Miss Selfridge Sunglasses and owl earrings - Primark Boots - Melody Northampton.

This dress was bought just over 2 years ago at River Island, a day after my 18th Birthday, and I am pleased to say it fits me better now! All it takes is a pair of spanx!
The earrings are cute little owls that I picked up just before uni, a bargain at just £1. 
These boots are from Melody Northampton, made by Carlton of London, and considering they cost a wonderful £26.99 I think they are a huge bargain and a very acceptable imitation of the real thing! So comfy too!

A short post for you guys tonight, as I am absolutely shattered, and I need to go and see what my hair looks like as I have just dyed it again and haven't actually seen it yet.
Have a good evening my lovely people!


  1. I always do a bit of shopping to cheer me up, I don't care if thats a bad thing..I love shopping!
    You got some great bargains there
    Although after reading this I now want steak!...and onion rings!

    Karys x

    1. Haha I am so excited for steak. Should be another good way to cheer up as today I am packing a whole year of my life into two suitcases to move out of halls and go home :( Might even top it off with two giant waffles filled with chocolate and ice cream. Been on a strict diet all week and not lost a single lb so I might as well go all out HA!

      Samma x


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