Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Dress!

Hey guys!
So here is my beautiful new dress, that feels as though it was made exclusively for me. I bought it from Ark. which is fast becoming my fave shop! Literally could have bought everything in the store if I had more money!

Glasses-Primark, Dress - Ark Boots - Pasha.

In reality this dress is actually a deep red, almost like blood mixed with red wine. It is great for dressing up or dressing down, as I have here, and will also be great in the winter with a top under and some black tights, and here's the best bit - it was on sale for £19.50!

So after a little practice I think I got the hang of the eyebrow pencil, but neither the fam nor the boyf could tell the difference between this and the eyeshadow!
What do you guys think? Any difference?

Today was a day spent topping up the tan in the garden and reading, then going to the boyfs, where I am writing this post. It is gonna be a short one as his keyboard is broken so writing is extra effort.
How did you guys all spend your summer solstice?

Have a good day!

Samma x


  1. gorgeous dress and love it with the boots! x

  2. I adoree the dress! It looks so great with your docs! Thanks so much for your lovely comment girl <3

    1. Thanks! And that's alright! I love your blog! <3


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