Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sugar skulls and candy canes.

Sorry for the late or extremely early post, depending on what way you look at it, but I have been out tonight and don't yet feel like sleeping I thought I'd do an outfit post of a new dress I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight has finally been the night for our Uni fashion Show, Sweet Dreams. It was a massive success. Everybody worked so hard to put together a fabulous show and I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we can be pleased with the results.
An outfit post for what I wore tonight will be done another day, as I was rather merry and didn't get many decent pictures, not to mention I got half a pint of Disarano knocked over me by a quick handed bar maid.
So in the mean time... This is the new dress I bought last week, and lived in ever since!

Dress - H&M, Shirt - River Island, Earrings - New Look, Boots - Office.

Now I'd picked up this dress nearly every time i'd been in H&M for about 3 months because I thought it was so cute, then when I went to return a dress I have bought in London a few weeks ago I saw it again and couldn't resist it. This dress is seriously flattering and a massive bargain at only £14.99. I think it works best over a shirt, but that is just me. Anything to hide the bingo wings. 

Now I am off to go and fill my hot water bottle and attempt some sleep. Shouldn't be too hard as deadline week caused me to do a thirteen hour stint in the library over night last night.
Also for any of you who happen to venture into the library at ridiculous hours at night, how bloody strange is that?! I witnessed a group playing a human game of Pacman around the aisles and some dude attempting to fit as many maryland cookies into his mouth as possible out of sheer boredum. Mental.
Sleepy time.

Nahnight ma beauts. 

Samma xx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poker face.

Hey guys!
So it was my 21st birthday on Tuesday. Bit of a disastrous night to be quite honest, except for a special few who helped to make it better. And the boy of course, who made sure I was having the best night possible, considering my birthday falls on deadline week and everyone is skint because it is the end of term!
Anyway. This post is mainly to show off my beautiful new dress that was one of my presents from him. Boy done good. ;)

Earrings - Topshop, Dress - Sugarhill Boutique, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell.

Now I have been after this dress for quite some time. I first fell in love with it last summer, but considering I was living out of my overdraft, I could not quite justify the price tag. Although for those of you who read last summer will know I couldn't really justify half the stuff I bought. Anyway. Last week I thought I would just have a browse on their site and saw it had gone into sale! After nearly having a heart attack at the fact they still had it in my size I hinted extremely heavily at the boy to buy it as a birthday present. And to my joy, he did!
The dress was delivered quickly. It was ordered on the Friday night and was here by Tuesday, and I have to say I could not be happier with it. The pattern is unlike anything I have seen before and is just the right amount of girly for me. The fabric is beautiful and floaty, but the dress is properly lined so there is no fear of any underwear sneaking into view.
Having worn this dress I would have to say I will definitely consider their price tags from now on as the quality and fit of this is totally worth the money!

This evening I am off to shower and crack on with some work. Deadlines are coming out of every orifice in my body and time is fast running out so I had best get going!

Ciao for now!

Samma x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Monochrome Drone...

Hey guys! Apologies for yet another absence.
I am rubbish!
Today I trecked into town with Andi. Big mistake. We froze! What is with this weather?!
This time last year we were limbering up for our first BBQ, today we were nearly crying from the cold and snow.
Anyway. This is what I wore, minus the high shoes (Haven't worn them in a while and thought they deserved a photo or two) and plus a big fur coat.

Shirt - H&M, Dress - River Island, Bag - Primark, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Earrings - Topshop, Sunglasses - Borrowed from Andi

This dress was bought for me for Christmas a couple of years ago by my boyfriend, but I haven't felt too comfy wearing it because the arms are funny and show a bit of armpit bulge, however, when teamed with a plain shirt I think it looks pretty good and is bang on with this season's 60's monochrome trend!

Tonight shall be spent doing coursework and cleaning our house for yet another viewing tomorrow. Fun times! Better get to it!

Love you all!

Samma x