Thursday, 14 June 2012

Today I felt all creative...

Good evening my lovely people!

Firstly, I wanna say a massive thank you to the people who followed me since last night, it really means the world to me! You made my day :D

Today I was back at work, for my penultimate day at Jeffery West. Such a good day, but tiring too. I had to take a trip to the library, then spend hours pouring over ancient books to find facts about Northampton and the shoe industry. Did you guys know that in 1900 there was 223 pubs in Northampton?! I didn't till today either, there you go a nice piece of info for you all. You learn something new every day! Not entirely sure when that information would come in useful, but today when I was counting them out of a book from 1900 that was barely legible I would have loved that little nugget of knowledge.
I then managed to get myself lost going back to work, a trip I have done every day this week. Ended up walking like 2 miles past where I needed to be, then realising I wasn't where I thought I was and having to backtrack to get back into town, then actually start walking. Funtimes. Not gonna lie people, my feet are sooo blistered and I wasn't even wearing heels!

Anywho. I got another outfit post for you today, my apologies at me looking a little awkward and chunky in the photos, I am having another fat day. It took me ages to decide what to wear today and several outfit changes, but I finally settled on this peter pan collared dress as it is comfy and loose and great for days like today, when you just wanna hide away under something.

Dress - Missselfridge Leather Jacket - Next Chelsea boots - Asos Retro sunglasses - Primark.

I love this jacket. It is good for chucking on over anything, whether it be jeans and a tee or for toughening up a girly dress.
These boots however, are a bit of a dissapointment for me. I bought them in the middle of January this year, and by the end of January the leather had lost all its stiffness so the now bulge a bit around the fit. Still, they are nice and comfy so I wear them when I am having one of those bleugh days.

I also was inspired whilst looking through lookbook and other blogs to get creative. I've seen cut out skull Tees on other people (I'm not going to pretend I came up with the idea, because I didn't) and decided to give it ago myself, so I picked up a plain tee on the way home today and gave it a bash!

First I used anything lightly coloured that I could find, make up being the only thing handy, and drew out the shapes I wanted.
I then took scissors to it and started chopping. A silly idea really, considering how blunt my scissors are!
Took me hours, but I am actually quite happy with the result!

I will definitely attempt this again with a better, looser tee so you can't see my bulges, and next time I will do it a bit higher and smaller so I can wear it tucked into these shorts and actually see the full mouth. Also not too keen on the bra straps showing through either haha!

So there you go, another day in the life of Samma.
I'm gonna say goodnight now, and not even attempt to start watching a film, as I think I will be snoring by the time the opening credits are over.

Hope you all have a great night and lovely day!



  1. love the leather jacket! It is super cool :) and the t-shirt you made is awesome too <3
    check out my blog if you have time!

  2. cute outfit


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