Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just another Saturday...

So today I was forced to wake up at some ungodly hour (midday) as we had people coming to view the house. I had no idea what to wear either, on account of having a bit of a fat day and the weather being so rubbish, so I just threw on my fave black tee, which is incredibly flattering and comfy for days like this.
I also braved it and wore my acid wash jeans, as I felt that they have not had enough wear considering I bought them a few weeks ago. They have however become a wee bit too tight. Off to the gym with me this week!

Jacket - River Island T-Shirt and jeans - H&M Necklace - Miss Selfridge Boots - Pasha

This jacket used to be one my fave pieces because it is so glittery and shiny and quite frankly I like the fact it looks like something a magician would wear! Unfortunately, it has become a bit too big for me so I will be selling it along with some other stuff. Just email me if you're interested!

What has everyone got planned with the rest of their weekend? I am gonna go see my Grandad tomorrow day then off to boyf's tomorrow night. Maybe squeeze in a run there somewhere as too much binging is starting to show. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Keep checking back, will be putting stuff on my Buy My Stuff section over the next few days.

Au revoiur! Toodle Pip!!
Samma <3


  1. LOVE the sequins (and saying Toodle Pip!)

    1. Thanks! It is a great saying haha! <3

  2. CUTE blazer:)

  3. cool outfit! love the sequins! :)

  4. Great jacket!

    xo Jennifer


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