Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mint chocolate chips.

So today has been another long day.
That job that I told you that I'd got, well, I phoned up to see what hours they wanted me to work only to be told that they didn't actually have any hours. Brill.
I also got declined for another interview. Seems I am destined to spend the next 4 months bored and broke. Yay!
So out of feeling sorry for myself I have sat all day in my onesy, eating nearly 2 litres of mint chocolate chip ice cream and watching programs with zombies.
On that note, out of my new slightly desperate state, I decided it was time to get the stuff up on my sales page, so check it out guys. I will no doubt be adding more over time. But please buy my stuff! I am already going to have to give up my nicotine habit, the shopping addiction and probably even replace bussing to the boyf's with walking or biking. Goodbye nice shoes, hello practical shoes. Thank goodness for my decision to buy my mock-Docs and Creepers!

Short and sweet post for you all today, as I don't have much interesting stuff to report haha!
What do you all have planned for tomorrow? Anything nice?

Samma <3


  1. Oh boo about the job,

    want me to kick 'em?


    1. Lol yes! I want someone to kick them! XD

  2. aw no, sounds rough :( just find a waitress job in the meantime- those are eeeevrywhere! but hey, at least you got a onesie and icecream day out of this, right? #silverling

    1. Haha unfortunately, that was the only waitressing job going here :(
      Doesn't matter though, something will come up. IT was worth it for the ice cream and onesie lol!


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