Sunday, 10 June 2012

One day...

Hi guys,
Not really alot to report, today has been another dull day at Uni, the highlight of my day was possibly the 2 minute walk to the shop for loo roll. Brilliant. On this trip I saw a mere 2 people on campus! Honestly, I'm expecting tumble weeds to start blowing around any minute.

This has lead me to spend the day browsing various sites for stuff that I cannot afford but would give my right arm to own. First of all there are these beasts.

Now I am totally in love with these babies and have been for a long time now. As you know I am a huuuuuuge fan of boots in this style, having already bought 2 lovely, albiet fake JCs, because they are the comfiest heels I have ever worn. I love all things spikey, and these boots are no exception! Yes they are a little extreme, a little bit lethal looking, but to me they are original, unlike the litas with the spikes up the back, which I also love but are unfortunately worn by half of the lookbook population right now, and quite frankly, these are downright cool! A little out of my price range for the moment, and even in September when the new student loans come in I still don't think I can bring myself to buy them. Too much rent to pay! So these are on here as a MASSIVE hint to the fam as my 21st is coming up... A whole 9 months away, but judging by how fast this year has flown by, it will be here before I know it. And I cannot wait. (Btw, totes already planning my party... themed 60s to 80s Icons and you are all invited ;) )

The only other thing on my list right now (There are actually hundreds, but I won't bore you with that) are these gorgeous leggings from Topshop.

 As well as all things spikey, I am a huge fan of skulls, particularly when they are mixed with something slightly girly, such as these roses, and at £20 they are a bit more of a realistic dream. Normally I would jump up, grab my card and buy them without thinking, however, I am not a huge legging person (They don't sit well when you have a buddah belly to rival that of a preggers lady of 6 months, and love handles that make you look like you're smuggling a spare tire!) and I know that the general gist of Topshop leggings is that they tend to stretch quickly and fall down, so my question to you, my gorgeous readers, is if any of you have experience with leggings, these or similar, what do you think to them? I want them, but I don't fancy strutting around and having to yank them up every minute!

I bought this tunic a couple of weeks ago too.

I have yet to do an outfit post for this, as I am a fool and left it behind in Dirty Yarco when I went home, but I am thinking that this combined with those leggings could be a seriously cool look! What do you think?

One last item, that I just found whilst trying to find this image is this funky tee, combining the two things I love most... Skulls and Spikes and a nice dash of leopard to add in there.

Nice, huh? (Incase you can't tell, I'm a little bit obsessed at the moment!)

Now time for me to stop online shopping, and now I am all showered, hair is washed, lunch is made and my taxi is booked, it is time for me to go and chill in front of a film, no doubt Disney, before starting my weeks work experience at Jeffery West, whose shoes will probably make it onto future wishlists. But they're men's shoes I hear you say! It is normally a curse to have such big feet for someone so short, but at size 7-8 I can fit mens shoes if I choose, and I have already spotted a gorgeous pair of pointed chelsea boots with a skull print in the leather that I am loving!

So hope you all have a good night and day and I will fill you in on my first day tomorrow night!

Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! <3


  1. Those leggings are beauts! Need them in my life! xx

    1. This is what I'm thinking, but I don't want them if they are just gonna stretch and fall down lol!


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