Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shopping, sushi, chatting and cocktails.

Hi peeps!

Today has been a fantastic day! I met up with one of the bezzers in Norwich for a bit of shopping, where I bought the most gorgeous dress. I actually think it was made for me, even though it is coloured and shows off a bit of skin, but as I am feeling a bit adventurous, I thought I would try it on and it was perfect! I will have an outfit post with it hopefully tomorrow.
We then had some tasty sushi as my prayers have been answered and a Yo Sushi! has been opened in Norwich. Honestly never thought I would see the day, but blimey, am I pleased I have!
After that we did a bit more shopping. Headed to Topshop and found those leggings I was on about, with the skulls and the roses. Turns out they are not worth £20, I tried on a size 8 as I thought they might be tighter and last longer because I am normally a 10, however, they were already really loose and flimsy so I knew that they would be worn once before they completely lost their shape, so I didn't buy them. Besides, I am back home now so I get lectured on how I don't need any more clothes by my dad whenever I come home. (He told me off for the dress)
After an exhausting afternoon shopping we headed for a few cocktails, then what seemed like 5 minutes later ( We were actually there for 3 and a half hours) we realised that we were about to miss our last buses home!

Did manage to squeeze in some outfit photos though, be thankful people, nearly ended up stranded for these haha!

Jacket - Next Cross Tee - Topshop Glasses - Red Or Dead, PU and denim jeans and scarf (on bag) - New Look Boots - Pasha, Bag - Aldo

These jeans are my favourite jeans as they are so versatile! They are great for wearing smart with a shirt and heels or with a loose Tee for a rock-chick look. They are also great for girls cursed with the same figure as me because they are high waisted, but instead of a button and zips they have 2 zips that sit over the hip bones. They reach up to my bellybutton so they pull in the spare tyre! 
Once again, praise for these boots, walked all round Norwich all day in these babies and once again, no pain! Everyone NEEDS a pair of these!!

Almost forgot, I also finally dared to buy myself an eyebrow pencil, rather excited about testing it out tomorrow and ditching the current brown eyeshadow! This may take me a while to master though, as make up is not my strong point and I tend to wear exactly the same make up every day!

Enough with the rambling for one night! Time to get some sleep so I can get up and join the gym tomorrow! Time to get skinny! Anyone got anything nice planned?

Ciao ciao my sexy beasts.
Samma x


  1. Thanks very much for checking out my post! You have a lovely blog here. You look amazing!!

    Your new follower,

    Eimear x


    1. Aww thank you so much! That means alot to me! It makes my day when someone follows! <3


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