Friday, 5 October 2012

Hot Mess...

Apologies for my blogging absence, I have been a busy bee!
So tonight I am off out to see my friend's show Hot Mess, and no doubt a few glasses of wine, and this is what I shall be wearing...

Top - Forever 21, Shorts - River Island, Bag - Ark, Gold Collar - Kukee, Boots - Topshop.

So I bought these boots with my first week's wages. I was supposed to save them, then pesky Topshop sent round an email saying they had 20% off, so it had to be done, leather with gold spikes. I could not say no.
Also a big big sorry for the dodgy bra here, it is time for me to do laundry and I have been putting it off, I also didn't realise that my camera flash would make it show up so much! Ha!

On that note, I had better go and get ready, have a fabaroonie weekend!
Love love love!
Samma xx


  1. love love love your boots!!
    I've just started following your blog :) would appreciate if you checked out mine


  2. oh my gosh. please can i have your booties!? xx

  3. It did have to be done, those boots are incredible!

    Karys x

  4. Oh I love these topshop boots!


  5. Loove your boots, great look - hope you had a fun night x

  6. LOVE those boots - my friend bought them when we were in Topshop the other day & I could've cried with envy! They're so beautiful! Wish I had the money to buy them myself :(
    The new brown hair actually really suits you - makes your skin look lovely. I did love the blue but you've picked a really nice shade. Not boring at all!

    x Hannah

  7. love those shoes! I think I need them in my life ;P :)

  8. I am in love with these boots! They are gorgeous :) xx

  9. I Love this entire outfit! Looks great on, its girlie, yet with a rock chick edge and suits you down to a T! @cherrybombbtq


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