Wednesday, 24 October 2012

shock horror.

so today i got my topshop delivery. and it it lush. anyone know knows me will know just how long i have wanted the horror tee from topshop. well today it arrived. i also forked out for a decent pair off boots for work as my beloved creepers have come to the end of their days.
tonight i am off for a few drinks with a friend and i think this outfit is perfect. not too dressy but not too casual either.
apologies for my lack of punctuation, i am blogging on my phone and quite frankly i am a bit lazy!
see you later alligator!
samma x


  1. nom nom at the boots :D x

  2. love it you look great! XOXO :)


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  3. Loving the tshirt with the gorgeous skirt, I'm addicted to buying black skirts - i love them all! x


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