Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cheeky cheeky...

Today has been a rather busy day and will continue to be. Had to be up at 7 to make it in time for my 9 o'clock start. (Those of you at Uni will know how painful these are.) And I have just crawled home, having taken today's photos on the way home for the bus.
I have just about got time to squeeze in this post before munching down some dinner, then heading back out again for work! Long day huh? Hop you feel privilaged that I still found time for you guys ;)

This post is named as it is because this comfy lovely top from Topshop seemed in theory like it would be great teamed with some knicker shorts and black tights, cute socks and gold spiked boots.
As much as I love the outfit, this morning was a bit rushed, and I failed to notice before leaving the house, just how high the slits were in said top, and every small gust of wind left me flashing a large amount of cheek! Cue giggles from many passers by.

Anywho. Here is what I wore today. (This has been moderated slightly to make it more suitable work attire.)

(Super smiley today... must be the sun. Or large amount of caffeine.)

Top, shorts (worn under) and boots - Topshop, Collar and socks - New Look, Jacket - Next.

So tonight, instead of this rather revealing attire, I shall be teaming the top with my leather shorts and a belt, and as I'm still wearing the boots in, they are not the comfiest things, I shall be swapping them for my creepers. Going for a bit more of a grungey look. Might throw in some dark lipstick too!
Hope you all have a fairly relaxing night planned! Think of me while you are tucked up in bed and I am getting covered in sticky alcoholic beverages. 
Love love! 
Samma x


  1. This outfit is gorgeous!! Especially love your boots :) xx

  2. I love your booties and collar necklace, great outfit :D x



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