Thursday, 8 November 2012

My first instagram post...

Thought i'd do a little instagram post to show a bit of what has been causing my absense.
i didnt forget about you guys though, and those of you who already follow me on instagram will already know i have been taking quick snaps of my outfits most days.

1. Saw this suit in Elle. I don't know who it's by, all I know is that it's red and velvet and I want it!
2. Dyed my hair red!
3. Quick outfit post! Shirt - River Island, dress Glamorous at Ark.
4. Finally perfected the lemon and prawn risotto!
5. Halloween!
6. Outfit post, what I wore to work last Saturday. Dress - River Island, Cardigan - Primark, Scarf - H&M.
7. My healthy pasta and sausage salad with low fat dressings. I will be size 8 by Christmas!
8. Patch, my company at night as the boyf and I are too busy to see each other much :(
9. RIP creepers. A sad moment in my life. They are still sat at the foot of my bed because I can't bare to throw them away! 

Now I look at them, my life doesn't really look that busy, but I assure you, it is!
Most of my photos are of food aswell, as much as I am improving as a chef, I am falling behind on coursework because I spend too much time cooking! The benefits of having a big kitchen. Not exactly helping my waistline either. *Sighs.

This weekend I am off to my cousin's wedding, so hopefully I should get a fair few good photos for you all next week!
Better go pack!
Have a good weekend y'all!
See ya laterzz alligators!
Samma x


  1. Love that shirt and dress combo! It looks so lovely xx


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