Monday, 17 December 2012

I'm back... Again

Hi guuuyyyss!
Sorry for my long departure. Again. 
The coursework deadlines hit me like a brick to the face and I have spent the last month in a mad studying frenzy... Half the time not even getting out of my jim jams hence a lack of outfit posts. Or posts at all for that matter. However, only two assignments left to go and the deadlines aren't till January. So the panic can buzz off for a few days.
To celebrate the end of term I had the bestie come to stay. We went for steak and drinks on Friday, followed by more drinks (fabulous cocktails) at this little place called Hakamou. If you're ever in Northampton, I strongly recommend a visit. The Hawaiian setting based underneath the shopping center is incredible, topped off with 80s tunes and a smokey atmosphere, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Even more so when I tasted their Bear's Bollock, a mixture of coconut rum and fruit juices inside a frozen coconut. Check out my instagram for piccys.
Anywho. Here is what I wore for the night.

Tee and necklace - Topshop, Shorts - River Island, Bow - Brooch off River Island trousers, Earrings - Vintage.

Apologies for the weight gain. Not pretty. Stress eating has taken its toll and my shorts are considerably tighter. Going to attempt a good, healthy week before Christmas binging.

The gold eye make up is colour tattoo. I love this stuff. I find it glams up the most grungy of outfits and you can paint it on without much control and it still looks cool. Or at least I think it does. It is just a pain in the butt to get off again. Be prepared to scrub your eyes raw with make up remover to shift it.

I am now off back to bed to watch a good film, and as I am here all week on my lonesome for work, I will crack on with the last assignments later. All the stressing has given me a cold. Thank the lord for hot water bottles. 

If any of you lovely people have any good films to watch when you're ill then let me know. I am running out of ideas.

I must say it is nice to be back!
Love love love!

Samma x


  1. Thanks for the comment on my page! Just had a browse through your blog - I will be hitting the follow button as soon as I've finished this haha.

    Love love love this look from the tshirt to the shorts and the bow in your hair.

    Katie x

  2. Love this t shirt, takes me back to a good few years ago sitting in my room and listening to the horrors!


  3. LOVE your outfit! Nice shorts! Aw thank you for your comment x

  4. thanks for your lovely comment)
    great shorts!

    hope you'd like to visit my blog again;)

  5. LOVEEEEE this top!!! so so cool!
    Can't wait for more posts :)
    I'm now a new follower, please check mine out when you can, and follow back, good luck with your blog :D
    Merry Christmas
    x x x

  6. Love this! I think you might actually be my style soul mate! Definitly subscribing xxx


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