Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I just died in your arms tonight...

So this weekend I took a trip to London with Andi. We ate too much, shopped alot and I had my first experience in a hotel without parents. I know. Crazy.
Although I was only there two days, I found it to be a very educating experience. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a paranoid freak, and London normally only heightens this. I panic about getting lost and the fact that I am crap on the tubes. I don't like big crowds of people and the train stations are generally my worst nightmare. However, this weekend I found that I didn't panic a single time. I may have finally got my head around the tubes, or at least how to read a tube map, and wasn't even intimidated by the large amounts of people. It is safe to say that after this weekend I have fallen in love with the city, and cannot wait to graduate and hopefully start a life there.
Andi and I did attempt to take some outfit posts, however, it was so cold that we couldn't actually take our coats off, so we just got a couple of touristy type photos instead. And some of China Town, because the decoration was pretty damn cool.

These are just the couple that I took as we were so distracted by everything that I forgot about my camera! Also, as you can see, the weather wasn't particularly inspiring.

However, as I had finally found a baggy dress, which I had been looking for for ages and a day, I had to take some snaps of it to show you when I got home. 
This is what I wore on the second day.

Earrings - New Look, Necklace and Dress - Topshop, Tights - Primark, Boots - Office.

This dress is actually amazing. It is soft and very warm, made from a thin sweater fabric. It is comfy to wear and easy to chuck on with a pair of grungy tights and shoes. I also think it is quite flattering. Or at least I thought it did a good job of hiding my tum until I wore it to work last night and someone asked me when I was due. (Not pregnant, just tubby) Despite that I still think it is pretty cool!
The tights however, are not a particularly successful purchase. They cost £3 from Primark, and I have to say, I don't even think they are worth that. The pattern is very cool and does a good job of grunging up this relaxed look, however, there is almost 0% elastic in the waistband. After wearing them for all of 5 minutes I found them quickly inching down my butt. Cue awkward hitching up in the middle of London. Not gonna lie, half the city saw my arse that day. They are okay worn beneath knicker shorts or a pair of spanx, but they will NOT stay up by themselves. 
I say this as the queen of cheap, it is sooo worth spending a little more if you want patterned tights, because my experience of Primark tights has overall been quite shite.

Anywho. I am off to bed. I know. Rock and Roll. It has been a long few days!

Love you all!
Samma x


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  2. great leggins, i love london

  3. lovely pictures, nice tights! <3


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