Sunday, 20 May 2012

If you go down to the woods today...

So today the boyf took me to a lovely little spot just off campus for taking some snaps for my first outfit post with my shiny new camera.
I wear this outfit constantly, because it is so easy, which everyone despairs of and thinks that I'm probably just a little bit gross as they don't see how I have time to wash it in between wears. I can't help it though, these gorge shorts were a buy a couple of weeks ago, and I love them so much I can't take it off. They are one of the only ways I have of embracing the pastel trend, as I am a known colour-phobe. (Except for my hair which changes colour constantly.)

The coat is also one of my best buys, from a vintage stand I found when I was working the Clothes Show last year. It is so good for just chucking on over any outfit and going. It is also the warmest thing I have ever worn! However, because it is sooo old, I am not sure when it was made, but it was a long time ago, it has started falling apart. So I will no doubt be hunting for a new one at this year's Clothes Show.

Anywho, enough with the rambling, here are the piccys!


Hat, shorts, ring, socks, cross earing and studded leather bracelets all by topshop, skull bracelets by Spun Out Northampton, charm bracelet by Pandora, skull earing by River Island, chain earing by Miss Selfridge, drop arm hole vest by Missguided, fur coat vintage, watch by Fossil.

The creepers are by Pasha, Northampton. They have also been one of my best buys of this year, as they go with almost anything. They are great with shorts and ankle socks or grunging down a floral dress. They were also a huuuge bargain. No where near the price of the Underground Creepers, but I love them, and quite frankly, on a student budget, who is complaining!

So excited for the day when this outfit can be worn sans coat, and in the middle of May, that should be now. However. This is England. The land of no sun. I have heared that it is supposed to get much hotter this week though, so fingers crossed people!

Aurevoir, toodle pip! :)

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