Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunny days!

Another day lounging around Uni in the sun... life is hard.
Not going to lie, I got a wee bit burnt, starting to sting a bit now, however, me being me and a bit of an idiot, I shall be right back out there tomorrow, getting more burnt. Not that I am advising this, but as we are in England and no one knows how long this glorious weather will last for, I fully intend to make the most of it and soak up every ounce of vitamin D that I can!

This weather however, does remind me that I really need to go shopping. This is a comment that will have my family and friends laughing then snatching my purse, as it is a hobby I have not stopped all year, however, due to the lack of summer, I have filled my wardrobe with black, albiet gorgeous, but never the less black clothes. With long sleeves. Totally innapropriate for this weather, so I feel that a trip to Primarni is in order for a couple of vests.

Summer also gives me major clothes envy, as all the pretty dresses come out, and I have seen an abundance of pretty maxi dresses and short shorts all over the Uni fields! Might have to look into this whole maxi dress thing!

Anywho, I have more piccys for you lovely people, just a few quick snaps taken on the way back from a lovely evening of cocktails and steak at the pub in the sun. Mmm Steak!

Dress - River Island, Jacket - Vintage (my mum's!) bag - Primark, boots- Pasha, necklace - New Look, earrings - Vintage.

I love this jacket, it may be a bit grubby and gross, but it is comfy and oversized and great for chucking on over a summery dress.

The dress is also great because it is flattering, if like me, you are cursed with a buddah belly and love handles galore, then drop waist dresses are great for skimming over them, and although this is a winter season dress, I feel as though the lighter coloured florals brighten it up and make it an excusable summer outfit.

On the other had, I realise the boots are not exactly summery, however, they are comfy and go with most things, and will also have to make do as my gorgeous spiked gladiator sandals have grown feet of their own and dissappeared!

Anywho, enough with the rambling, time for me to go and locate the aftersun!


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