Saturday, 19 May 2012

Technology binge!

Another fairly dull post for you again today.
It has been a long day, involving me spending far too much money considering my student budget!
The good news is I bought a new camera (it's purple. And shiny!). The bad news is I spent so long trying to work it that by the time I had figured out (a bit) how to use it, it was dark. So you lovely people will have to wait until tomorrow for an outfit post. (Sorry!)

The second bit of bad news is that my beloved Ipod needed its battery replacing, so after hauling arse down to the Apple Store today, I was told that the battery cannot be replaced, as they no longer make the batteries for that Ipod. RIP baby, it has been a great 6 and a half years with you!
This meant that I had to fork out and buy a new one. Well, second hand, but whatever, new to me! Bad times, as it is a touch screen, and therefore far beyond my technological capacity to understand. Honestly. I am an old woman trapped in the body of a 20 year old!

Still, it was a lovely trip into town with the boyf, and a reason to get dressed now that lectures are over and Uni is slowly becoming deserted. I swear there are now more rabbits on campus than people!

And so, with these ramblings over, I shall depart and crack into a bit of friends box set and the new Jackie Collins novel. Juicy stuff ;)

Ciao ciao for now!!

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