Thursday, 10 January 2013

Invisible touching.

Hey guyysss!
As you can probably tell by the lack of blogging I am back at uni and it is all busy busy busy.
This week has been a busy one, town Monday, Lectures and work all day Tuesday, a massive presentation yesterday, which went very well thanks for asking ;) then a trip into town, where I got my new daith heart piercing, which you can see below. I was going to get my septum done, but as the boyf really doesn't like them I thought I'd better not for the moment ha!

Anyways, this is what I wore today.

Dress - Ark, Earrings - New Look, Tights - Henry Holland, Heeled Creepers - Melody.

I have always been obsessed with the 80s, but recently my obsession has got worse. Can't stop listening to the groovy tunage, and I think this is starting to reflect a little in my clothes. 

I thought I'd give this dress an outing as it hasn't been worn in a while, but I thought I'd mix it up a bit and wear it with some grungy stuff. 
The creepers were a purchase from Monday, and as much as I love them, they are surprisingly uncomfortable, the soles are lovely and soft and springy, however, the toes are so hard that they really do hurt after a while, so I am hoping that they will soften up soon, which I'm sure they will. Until then I'll just have to grin and bear it. The things we do for fashion.

What do you think of my new piercing? I love it, but I'm not gonna lie, out of everything I've had, and that is alot, this was by far the most painful because of the awkward shape of the heart jewellery. However, should any of you wish to get it done, I got it at Pulse in Northampton. The place is lovely and the people are sooo friendly and helpful. Get down there for any piercing or tattoo needs!

I am now off to cook dinner, the boyf is on his way round and like a little grungy housewife I am preparing my special seafood and lemon risotto. Good little wifey :P I'll probably be dancing round my kitchen to 70s glam rock and 80s tunage while I do it.

By the way, anyone else super excited to hear that David Bowie is bringing out a new album?! Praying this will result in him going on tour. Would give my left bollock to see him. If I had any.

Anyways. Must dash.
Have a good night my loverrrrs!
Toodle Pip! 

Samma x


  1. still looking so 80's, love it! hehe


  2. Love your 80's look.. Madonna would be proud. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year :)

    Katie xxx


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