Monday, 14 January 2013

Nice day for a white wedding...

I am still on the 80s tunage incase you can't tell from the title of this post.
I am feeling particularly gothy today, and I'm not gonna lie, I actually love it.
The boyf decided that actually a septum piercing wasn't the worst thing in the world and told me to go for it. (ILOVEYOU... Gross mushy shit. Apologies to everyone who doesn't care.)
And I have to say, despite the fact I went into the piercing place shaking like a leaf and trying not to vom (totes attractive) I came out sooo happy with it, when my eyes stopped watering enough for me to see it at least.

I also FINALLY got my shoes from Office... not entirely their fault, they delivered within the time they said, I forgot there was a bank holiday, so anyway, they came about 10 minutes after I'd left for Uni, so my dad had to post them up to me and they just got here today. (Thanks dad! And if you're reading, don't kill me for my pig's ring... it is cool ;) )

Anyway. Here is my whole gothy look. Buffalo boots included. In love. <3

Tee and earings - Topshop, Leggings and cardigan - Primark, Socks - Newlook, Boots - Office

So this is my gothy look.
I am in LOVE with these boots. They may look a bit ridiculous, but my God they are comfy and quite frankly, I think they are cool.
I'm not gonna go on about the Primark leggings as I have many times, however, these are a new pair and they are staying up better than the older ones, but for £4 I don't mind replacing them every few months.
The tee I have commented on plenty of times so I won't bother again.

I am now off to do some coursework, and natter with my housemate about her upcoming trip to NYC. I am a wee bit jelly.

Hope you are all having a lovely night!


Samma xx


  1. YAY you got the shoes - they look awesome! & I'm in love with the septum piercing. I've wanted one for a while but already have a nose ring which I don't want to get rid of.

    HANNAH †

  2. Very cool outfit! And I think you're very brave for getting a septal piercing, I could never rock that :D


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