Sunday, 27 January 2013

Telegram Sam...

Hey guys! A little late night post for you all.
The main reason for this is that I have been having my nails done by my gorgeous housemate Amber. I didn't know until recently that she is a qualified nail technition.What a bonus! She even managed to get acrylics on my non existent nails. (I am a chronic biter)

Anyway, here is the result!

Personally I'm pretty freaking impressed. I feel like for the first time in a long time I have ladylike hands and I love it. Instead of the short, ugly stubs I have, these make a nice change!

On another note, I bought some beautiful items in the Miss Selfridge sale yesterday, which will be featuring in  posts this week, but for now, I shall leave you with a little wishlist of new full price stuff I would kill for!

 This dress is a load of gorgeousness by Jones and Jones. I love their dresses soo much. They are flattering and the full skirts are beautiful! Plus the lace on this is just the right mount of gothiness for me to stop it being too girly.
I am dying for a pair of these, after my trusty Primark ones from this summer have just grown legs and disappeared!

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 I have wanted a pair of Jaquard trousers for aaaages now. I think they would look super cool with a baggy grungy tee and some studded or chunky ankle boots like these. Both from Topshop.

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 Loving both of these grungy pieces too, although I am aware I have missed the blogger craze for army jackets. I tend to like things the season after they are cool. Jacket from Ebay and Dress from Topshop.
Finally, another beautiful dress from Jones and Jones. Red wine and black lace. Cannot get much more perfect. I see this paired with some chunky boots, ankle socks and a dirty denim jacket. Lovely Jubly.

Right guys, as it is getting verrrry late and I have had a busy day at the gym, not to mention some new house viewings tomorrow, I am off to bed to watch the rest of Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire and to geek out. And probably send lots of mushy texts to the boy. Normal night really.
Hopefully tomorrow I shall have an outfit post for you sexy beings.


Samma xxx

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  1. The jacquard trousers are gorgeous definitely want them on my wish list too and those shoes are amazing even though I think they would be slightly too high for me, the curse of being tall!

    Your flat mate is also very talented :)



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