Monday, 21 January 2013

Who's gonna drive you home...

So another week has gone. Time is going sooo fast, cannot believe we are over half way through our Uni year already!
Last Wednesday I went out for the first time since Halloween, and my goodness, the night did not disappoint! Sorry it has taken me sooo long to get this post done, I have been a busy bee, but now all my work is done for the time being, I can finally catch up on some blogging and magazines. Leave me links to read! I wanna find some new blogs!

Anyway. This is what I wore out on Wednesday...

Body - Melody, Skirt - River Island, Cardigan - Primark, Boots - Pasha, Earrings - Vintage, Necklace - Topshop.

Not gonna lie to you, I was a little far gone when these photos were taken. What can I say, it was a goooood night.

I bought this body a while ago, but till now I have not had an opportunity to wear it. I also had a bit of a breakdown before I left the house because I felt like the Christmas pounds were showing, but unfortunately, not on the boobies. However, once I stuck my vintage belt over the top of the skirt, I felt the look come together.
I decided to accessorize with a bit of big bling, I like combining chavvy and tacky jewellery with grungy type clothing.

I am now off to catch up on some blogging and read Elle, How terrible is it that I am a fashion student and don't yet know this season's trends.
My night will then be finished off with a glass or two of wine and girly chats with Andi, before my long and hideous day tomorrow. Blaaahh.

What are you all up to on this fine evening?

Samma xx 


  1. love the skirt! I've been looking for a body like that for a while - never heard of melody before but will have to look into it!

    My blog is if you still fancy a read!

    Christy x

  2. i love your boots! I have to say, your style is just my cup of tea :)
    feel free to browse my blog

  3. That skirt is so nice! I've been looking one with that sort of print on for agessss xxx

  4. nice outfit!
    thx for your comment on my blog



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