Saturday, 11 August 2012

Leopard and leather...

So today I woke up really late again. (I'm nocturnal) We then had a BBQ in this lovely weather, where I ended up eating not very much, for some reason, I suspect my nicotine patches are to blame, I cannot eat very much, if anything at the moment, consequently, I have lost half a stone this week, Hoorah!
Anywho, this is what I wore!

Tee and pleather leggings - Topshop, Glasses - Primark, Cardigan - Vintage, Creepers - Pasha, Necklace - Delilah Dust.

I know you've all seen these trousers and this shirt before, but I love them so nerrrr. 
This cardigan was actually my mum's. When I was little I used to hate my mum's oversized wardrobe, however, since it has been left to me, I have found that there are a few things that I love, this being one of them.

Tonight I am watching Mamma Mia and working my way down a bottle of Shnapps, what are you all up to with the rest of your weekend? Emjoying the lovely weather?

Oh, and btw, congrats to moi, Today is my 6th day smoke free! Wahhoooo!

Samma xx


  1. yay yay yay for 6 days no cmigarettes!:D

  2. Great Pics!!! Amazing outfit!!!!!


  3. great shoes and cardi! :D x

  4. Cute outfit, i love your sunglasses an your hair is so lovely!

  5. Love your sunglasses and cardigan! xx

  6. Such a lovely cardigan, wish my mum had kept all her old stuff! You look lovely :) xx

  7. Man I have watched Mamma Mia way too many times to tell people the number of times I have watched it. It's just such a fun musical and I kind of love it to death. Kinda loving that you've worn frilly socks + creepers and jeggings.


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