Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Laddered tights.

So those of you who follow me on twitter will know that on Saturday my laptop had a fit and effectively blew up. So unfortunately, I had to haul arse to Staples to use my shoe/clothing/flat deposit fund to buy a new one. At the time I seriously resented this, however, when I came home today from the Boyf's and had a chance to play about with it, I have decided it is money well spent.
I switched it on and only had to wait one minute for it to load up, as opposed to the twenty I had to wait for the previous one.
Rest in Peace baby, you were my first laptop, and we had a wonderful five years together, however, the time has come to update you for a newer model.

In other news, I tried yet another hair colour. It was supposed to come out mint, however, I got the colour to conditioner ratio totally wrong so it made me look like apple sours. Although I liked it, my fam fell on the floor laughing at me so I thought I had better fade it out, so several washes and a long day in the shower later, I have some semblance to pastel mint, hoorah!

Bowler hat - Topshop, Leather jacket - Next, Necklace - Miss Selfridge, Dress and boots -River Island.

Now I thought this dress would go pretty well with my hair, so although it is old, and quite ripped I decided to wear it, but toughen it up a bit with the leather jacket and hat. The hat is also because the green dye made my roots black, and I am trying to put off having it bleached till I am a bit closer to uni, so this hat will feature alot!

I bought these boots a little while ago at River Island, however, I haven't worn them much, despite being very comfy, they have somehow become too big for me, so they will shortly be up for sale. Size 7, originally £45 but I will sell them for around £20 or any offers really. 

So I have a pretty dull day tomorrow. I am heading off to the gym, possibly to Tesco food shopping. Possibly heading to the boyf's again tomorrow night, which will brighten it all up somewhat, especially if he watches more Disney with me, hint hint if you're reading this ;)

Another quick note, it was a lovely surprise after my short technology induced break from blogging to come back and find that I had a few more followers, so a massive thank you to you all, it makes me so happy to know that people actually want to continually read my endless ramblings!

What are you all doing tonight/tomorrow?

Samma x


  1. your poor laptop haha! :P
    loving your boots and blouse :) x


  2. I love the dress!!! Looks really cute! :)



  3. Bit random but your eyebrows look phenomenal here! RIP old laptop!! xx

  4. Love it!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Follow you back :)

  6. Amazing!!!!!!!!!



  7. I love the girly style mixed with a bit of edge. Your style is rad!

    Ava Tallulah

  8. Thanks for the visit..following you,please follow back to keep in touch through comments!

    Love your outfit ,you look gorgeous!


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