Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey guys!
So this has been a relatively good week, particularly yesterday. If you had seen yesterday's post you will know that I received my Galaxy Note that I upgraded to on Wednesday. As you could probably tell, it is taking me a while to get used to the size and keypad after 2 years with blackberry. This means that I have finally joined the world of instagram! Follow me when I have finally worked it all out and got it linked to this.

If any of you have any good apps that you'd recommend, let me know!

Shirt - Newlook, Top - H&M, Pleather trousers- Topshop, Bag - Ark, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Belt - Vintage, glasses - Red or Dead.

I thought I'd try the layering trend a little today, as I am not keen on either of these tops on their own, and actually, I love them together! I won't go into the trousers or boots again as you all know how much I love them!
Yesterday I had my hair bleached again. My roots were beyond a joke, and I wanted to dye it crazy colours again, however, now my hair is brittle like straw and was snapping as I was straightening it, I feel like this was one bleach too much! Any of you beauty bloggers got any solutions for me? Apart from "I told you so" as I've already heard enough of that!
Despite the bleaching, I did dye it minty green again today, and hallelujah! I got the mix right so it came out pastelly finally! It doesn't show up too well here though :(

Tonight I am off to the boyf's house, then I have absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. Sadface. Do any of you have anything nice planned? 

Ciao ciao for now!
Samma xx


  1. i love your hair and your amazing boots! :D xx

  2. I've been bleaching my hair for 5 years and never had any real problems with it, I try to wash mine as little as possible (yes I'm a tramp) and avoid blow drying and straightening unless absolutely necessary! xx

  3. I dye mine too much as well!:( I always use aussie conditioner after i've bleached it. You can also buy that conditioner you leave in for a while.

    Outfits crackin'! :)



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