Friday, 24 August 2012

What a girl wants.

Hey guys!
Happy Friday! Hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend, those of you who work in retail, I feel your pain! I remember the days of not having weekends as weekends.
Anywho. Today has been a pretty good day, woke up with the boyf, then lazed around until my parents picked me up, then I treated them to a meal at Yo! Sushi, which I was so excited about, as I have been going with my mum since I was about 10 in London, yet my dad and stepmum have never really had it, and I am happy to say that they both loved it. I can see trips there happening a little more often! Especially as we have had one open in Norwich! Could it finally be that Norfolk is catching up with the rest of the planet?!

Anywho, I am not going to bother posting an OOTD, as you have all seen my outfit several times, although I will say that I have walked an awful lot since last night in the new JCs, and they are still comfy, apart from the rather large blister on the top of my foot. We must suffer for fashion!
So because I'm not doing an outfit post, I thought I would do another wishlist, something I had promised myself I wouldn't do, as I have already spent far too much, but as a new season is coming up, I can't help but look!

1. Black Dress - New Look
2. Galaxy Tee - River Island
3. Galaxy skirt - River Island
4. Lace ankle socks - River Island
5. Velvet Rose print skirt - River Island.

1. This dress is a beautiful garment I have been lusting over for ages and ages. I've tried it on twice, the first time in a size 10, although unfortunately the zip was a bit funny, I can't quite tell if that is a manufacturing fault or the fact that I am being over optimistic, even though I am normally a 10. No matter how much I tried I could not get it done up, despite Amy standing there yanking and pulling all over the place!
The second time I tried it was in a size 12, I still struggled slightly with the zip, but I did manage to get it done up on my own, only to find that due to my lack of breasticals, the cups were too big so it fell down. This could have lead to many awkward moments, had I have chosen to purchase it.
So I am now dieting like mad, in the hope that when I go shopping with the boyf next week I can squeeze myself into it.

2. Just seen this, and you all know I love a baggy tee, so this is perfect!
3. Speaking for the tee aswell, I am really loving the galaxy print trend that is going round at the moment, and I love the shape of this skirt, I think it could be a perfect combination of grungy, spacey and sexy!

4. I love lace, and I love ankle socks. These combine two of my favourite things, and for £4.50 I don't think I could really go wrong!

5. Not normally a huge fan of body con, for the main reason that I am far too body concious! However, I feel like I would happily don some spanx and control tights to wear this velvet beauty!

On another note before I go, I have a debate/question/confusing issue that I can't help but puzzle over every time I open a magazine, What do you all think of the new Marc Jacobs hats? I am not saying that Marc Jacobs isn't a genius, but I seriously suspect he had spent the afternoon with Alice at the Mad hatter's tea party when he designed these monstrosities!

(Image from


What do you all think about the new season Marc Jacobs? Genius or madness?!

So what are you all doing over the bank holiday weekend?
Tomorrow I actually have a free house for the eve, so I am going to cook my famous seafood risotto for the boyf!

Have a fabaroonie weekend my lovelies!

Samma x


  1. i haven't accepted galaxy print yet! maybe it will grow on me!! lovely post.


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