Monday, 9 July 2012

Late nights.

Having been in bed all day having nothing to do, I now cannot sleep, bad times, so I thought I would share my latest wishlist with you guys. 

I love the playsuit at the top, from Topshop. I love anything that is black and this combines black and a cute collar, so it is perfect!
The leopard print dress is cute, I love a leopard design, and this has pastels too, which I normally am not too keen on, unless it is in hair, but I love this, and am seriously considering buying it from Batoko as it is on sale for £6! 
These funky leggings are also pretty darn groovy, also on sale for £12 from Batoko they too are a huge bargain! Seriously considering buying them myself, does anyone have any experience with buying from Batoko?
Finally, another gorgeous blouse from Fashion Frank. I love the fish tail design and the gorgeous little crosses  on the collar!

So what are you all up to this evening? Anyone else up late? 
I am going to head off to bed and read Harry Potter, no doubt until the sun comes up. Anyone got any great books to recommend? I've read all mine a million times!

Ciao ciao sexy beasts!
Samma x


  1. I love those galaxy leggings! Such a gorgeous print and at a great price, too :)

    1. I know! I am seriously considering buying them! <3

  2. Sleepless window shopping is a very dangerous thing! haha! xx

    1. Eeek I know, such a good thing I'd left my card upstairs and couldn't be bothered to walk up and get it or I would spend a fortune!

    2. haha see laziness CAN be a good thing!


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