Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dip - Dye!

Hey you guuuuuyyyyys!

So I am pleased to announce that I have not spent the day lounging around and actually had a reason to get dressed today. (Those who are regular readers know that I spend my days generally in my onesie until I return to Uni) However, I was sooo busy today I didn't have time to get a full outfit post done for you guys. I'm sorryyy!
On the other hand though, between my two trips to the pub (Alchy!) I found time to re-do my hair. I was feeling adventurous, so I tried lilac with blue dip-dye. I fear that my hair may actually be a bit crazy, even for me, but I know that if it doesn't grow on me that it will wash out quickly so I can experiment with more different combinations.

This is the result...

The colours I used for this are Lilac and Lagoon Blue by Directions.
The shirt is by River Island.

Now my hair is a bit patchy in places, and the lilac came out darker than I hoped, but I think this is down to me being over-ambitious and doing the dip-dye at the same time as the lilac. As the dye requires combing through once it is applied I think I mixed the dyes up a little, but it is my first attempt at dip-dying myself, so I know for next time to do them separately.

I am rather excited about the next week or so, tomorrow I am seeing a friend, who despite living only 30 seconds away I haven't seen in over a year, due to Uni and stuff, then in the evening I am off to an Ann Summers party (Ohhh lala!) then to the boyfs to attempt yoga, a new found love of his. I suspect that it will end up as a game of twister with us lying in knots on the floor having fallen over, but it will be fun none-the-less. I should also really find time to fit a gym session in, as I skipped it today in favour of staying in bed, a huge mistake as I ate a huge sausage sarnie and an enormous amount of home-made cookie dough last night out of pure boredum.
Hopefully I shall find time to do some laundry and an outfit post for you tomorrow. Laundry being the most important as I have worn nearly everything (nice) that I own.
So what are you all up to over the weekend? Anything exciting?

Toodle Pip!
Samma xx


  1. Your hair is AMAZING, I'm jealous. My hair is awfully boring in comparison...

    Ava Tallulah
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  2. Haha love the Goonies hello!:D your hair is fabulous! love love love it! :D xxx

  3. oh my, your hair is ammmmazing! i cannot believe how well it looks :) xx

  4. this. is. AWESOME!!! i cant believe you managed to dip-dye it yourself, i can barely handle doing one color alone. this is seriously amazing.

  5. Aww thanks everyone! Having seen it in daylight I have decided that I am not so keen, but thankfully these dyes fade fast!

  6. Wow.. I love the colours.. Wish i could pull something off like that!

    Claudia X

  7. love it!!!

  8. it looks amaaazing, i've always been to much of a chicken to get my hair dip dyed! you should definately keep it :) following your blog, maybe check out ours?xo

  9. your hair looks awesome!!

    J x

  10. Wow your hair looks amazing, I love it! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I'm really sorry but I can't remember the name of the boutique and I'm not 100% but I think it was on pottergate. I really need to pay more attention on the shops I shop in and not just the clothes inside it :) xx


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