Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Criss cross and polka dots.

Hiiiii guys!

So today has been a fairly dull day, the highlight was probably taking the 10 minute walk to Tesco for salad and fruit as I started to diet yesterday. I also joined the gym, but due to the fact that I probably have a chest infection I didn't want to attempt to get on a treadmill as I thought I might cough up a lung. Hopefully the doctor will provide me with antibiotics tomorrow. Oh I also went up to the club with the rents. It is sort of like a pub, but cheap and filled with old Norfolky folk. But who's complaining, cheap booze yay!
And I regret to say that I have another 2 full days of this as friends are all busy and the boyf has gone back to uni for a few days to pack up his stuff.
Anyway. This is what I wore today!

T-shirt - Topshop, Leggings - Primark, Boots - Pasha, Headscarf - Vintage, Chunky rings - Topshop, Silver ring - Earnest Jones, Watch - Fossil, Scull bracelets - Spun out Northampton, Charm bracelet - Pandora, Cross earring and flesh tunnel - Topshop, chain earring - Miss selfridge.

Now I know I've worn this tee for several posts, but I love it, it is so comfy and flattering. It hides all manner of spare tyre sins!
The watch I bought in New York on a Uni trip. I found highstreet fashion in New York rather disappointing so I spent most of my savings on this bit of bling. I'm a little bit obsessed with rose gold and man stuff, so this watch was perfect!
The rings were on sale in a set and a little bit gothic, so I had to have them.
The little silver ring was bought for me on my 19th birthday by my gorgeous boyf. It was the last one in this style in the shop and it was my size. Meant to be!
The headscarf was bought from a lovely little second hand shop round the corner from my house. I think it cost about 50p!

Now these leggings are something else. I will recommend these to everybody. They cost a glorious £4 in the Primark underwear section. As they are control leggings they pull you in and stop any wobbling! They are incredibly comfy, don't turn see - through (So there is no unsightly underwear flashes) and they have kept their shape, despite wearing them millions of times. Best £4 I have spent!

I am also proud to say I have stopped biting my nails! I have wanted to do it for ages, but couldn't get out of the habit, but then I got a gorgeous nail varnish free with Harpers mag, so I was inclined to stop biting my nails. However, this has happened many times, so we will see how long it lasts! Anyway, I found a silver nail varnish in my collection that I don't remember seeing before so I thought I would give it a go, and I love it! What do you think?

Anyway, I feel that is enough rambling for one night, incase you can't tell, I have had a couple of glasses of wine so I have the rabbits and am talking alot!
What are you all doing for the next few days? Any interesting plans?

Have a good night you sexual beings!

Samma xx


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the headband in your hair! It's super cute, I think I might have to try something like it :)

  2. lovin' this look!


  3. I love your outfit!!!^^


  4. Love this look! That top looks amazing, and we all need a good over sized top/dress for our worse days! :)


    1. Thank you! Certainly need them at the moment! Off to the gym for me haha! I checked out your jewellery and as soon as my loan comes in I am bulk buying!

  5. Wow you have really fun hair, I wish I had the balls for that!

    Lea x


  6. not only is your hair totally awesome, but your lipstick goes so perfect with it. i love

  7. i just bought a similar tee, and love it as well! also, i only wish i could stop biting my nails. congrats to you :] super cool blog, btw!

    1. Aww cool! They are so comfy! And my trick to stop biting is to put a couple of coats of nail varnish on. I hate biting them and ending up with lots of little flakes in my mouth :/ Don't know if it works for everyone though haha!

  8. ooo great hair!

  9. i love that t-shirt, and the leggings sound awesome, i'll have to have a look for them in primark next time i'm there! :) Your hair is just gorrrgeous, i have major hair envy right now! :)xo

    1. They are honestly amazing. And it takes alot for me to brave the horrible mess that is Primark, but these are totally worth wading through piles of clothes and screaming babies!
      And thank you! I can't believe most of it has washed out now! Time to try another colour :D


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