Friday, 6 July 2012

Psycho weather

What is going on with the weather today people! Madness!
So I woke up today to find that my cough and cold have got 10 times worse and it was pouring outside, so I  decided on comfy black again for the day, a choice I rejoiced in when I went to my doctors appointment to be told that I have put on 4 kilos since my last trip, 9 weeks ago. Horrendous. So Black was definitely the right choice.

Here is today's outfit!

Dress - River Island, Top - New Look, Bag - Primark, Leather jacket - Next, Creepers - Pasha.

As you can see, the weather then decided to turn bright and sunny, albeit a bit windy, so we took my camera up to the beach  for a bit more of an exciting lot of photo locations. Apologies for the windy hair!
Also this will hopefully be the last blog I do as a blonde for a while, tomorrow I am gonna get my hair bleached so I can finally dye it lilac! Excited!
What are you all doing this weekend? Weather permitting of course!

Samma x


  1. Hello sweetheart!! I am now following you via GFC! I hope you like my blog and follow if you want. I love your outfits, specially because you incorporate a lot of black. I love wearing black because it's a versatile color in which you feel comfortable (doesn't matter if it's a blouse, jeans, or a dress). Take care XOXOX Hope to see you around soon!

    MayT Essentials

    1. Aww thank you so much! I love black, as no matter what the style it is always comfy!

  2. such gorgeous pictures! you look hot-cha-cha!! Cant wait to see your new hair! :D xx


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