Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sun... Finally!

The sun has finally reached England. And I don't just mean just measley, lukewarm sun, I mean boiling hot, outside in a bikini type of sun. Which is exactly what I did with the first part of my day. As I spent my last couple of weeks at Uni tanning, I only need a couple of minutes in the sun to top it up, so I took my brew, my book, a towel and my deathsticks out and lazed away in the sun for an hour.
Those of you that know me, know that I am pretty narrow minded when it comes to books. I generally only read stories of rich people with issues, as I like to think that their lives may be great with nice houses and designer clothes and lush cars, but they still have problems, generally that which are far worse than our own. To me it is the perfect form of escape, and normally I won't pick up a book unless it is by Tasmina Perry, Rebecca Chance or Jackie Collins. This time however, (perhaps due to the fact that Asda didn't have any of those) I chose to broaden my horizons and read something different, so I picked up a book about passion and murder, called Complicit by Nicci French, and although I am only one way through it, I must say it is utter rubbish!!!
Still, I shall battle on through, I am obsessive about finishing off a book once I have started, and hope to god that it gets a bit better.

I then took my motivated butt off to the gym to majorly work out, which made me feel a bit better about myself, and I feel like although I really have done nothing, I have really achieved something with my day haha!
I then decided, that as the sun was out, that I would do an outfit post for you while I went for a little walk up the beach with my dad. (Aww.)

Dress - Ark, Shirt - River Island, Studded Sandals - River Island, Bag - Vintage, Earrings - Vintage, Leather bracelets - Topshop, Charm Bracelet- Pandora, Skull bracelets - Spun Out, Spike Ring - Miss Selfridge, Gold Bangle - Flea Market.

So I know that you have all seen this dress before, but I love it. Therefore I don't care! Haha. Plus, I thought it went well with my denim shirt tied around it and my lovely studded sandals. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that these sandals previously grew feet of their own and walked off. However, since I returned from uni, I found them in an old shoe box in one of my wardrobes.

The straw bag was my mum's. It has seen better days, it fraying slightly and falling apart, but I think that just adds to it's charm, not to mention it's sentimental value. 

You have seen all these bracelets before, except the big gold bangle, which I bought when I was on a cruise 4 years ago. I bought it on a flea market (I love them!) but I cannot actually remember what country we were in as we visited so many.

I am also extremely pleased to announce that I have finally bought myself some new jewellery, which I shall post in a haul post when it arrives. I am so excited! (My life is a little dull right now and I don't often buy jewellery!) 

So what have you all been up to on this lovely Saturday? Are you up to much tomorrow?

Ciao Ciao for now!

Samma xx


  1. I know that you and I share the love and passion for black outfits, BUT, I may have to tell you that you look really lovely in vibrant colors like these :D AND, I love your arm candy!! XOXO

    MayT Essentials

    1. Aww thank you so much! The boyf persuaded me to introduce a bit of colour into my wardrobe so I didn't always look like I was going to a funeral, and I have to say, it is paying off! I love this dress so much, even more now that I have found this shirt looks cool with it! :D xx

  2. This whole photoshoot is so very 'Wildfox'! Love your purple hair & leather bracelets <3

    The Style Rawr!

  3. ermmm your hair is bloody amazing!! such a cute outfit :) and it amazed me that you have the same table and chair set as me too haha xx


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